County commissioners recall bid tossed

A Cowlitz County Superior Court judge has tossed out an attempt by an Olympia man to recall the three Thurston County commissioners.

Judge James Warme ruled that the charges by Arthur West were legally insufficient. As a result, a recall petition can’t be filed to gather signatures and attempt to qualify for a recall election.

The court hearing was held Friday in Kelso.

West alleged that the county commissioners authorized payments to two associations that represent Washington counties and their officers, although the vouchers didn’t provide descriptions of the work performed and weren’t supported by affidavits as required under state law.

Warme ruled that West’s charges didn’t provide specific details about where and when the alleged unlawful activity took place.

West was traveling and not available for comment. Jerry Dierker, an associate of West, said West intends to file more specific charges at a later time.

Signing of the order dismissing the case is pending.