About $20 million raised in initiative campaigns

OLYMPIA - About $20 million has been raised in campaigns for and against six initiatives on the November ballot.

In a report issued Tuesday, the state Public Disclosure Commission says initiative supporters have outraised opponents by more than six-to-one.

The most expensive – Initiative 1107 to repeal new taxes on candy and soda – has raised more than $10.2 million.

I-1105, one of two measures to privatize state liquor sales, has brought in $2.2 million. The other, I-1100, raised $1.2 million.

I-1098, to add an income tax on the wealthy, has raised $1.9 million. I-1082, to privatize workers compensation insurance, has raised $1 million. I-1053, to limit tax increases, has raised more than $700,000.