Candidate for county prosecutor quits job

Bertha Fitzer, a candidate for the position of Pierce County prosecuting attorney, announced her resignation as a deputy prosecutor late Friday.

Fitzer, a deputy prosecuting attorney since 2001, plans to step down Sept. 10.

In this month’s primary election, Fitzer placed second behind Mark Lindquist, who currently serves as prosecutor. The two will meet in the November general election.

“I was in a position of criticizing my boss,” Fitzer said by telephone Saturday evening. “In addition to that, as a county employee, I felt very firmly I should not mix my campaign with my job.”

In the days before resigning, Fitzer was completing a trial that had begun in mid-June and was interrupted by a broken ankle and subsequent surgery.

“It was time, when I got that done, to turn my attention to getting other things done,” she said.

In her resignation letter, addressed to Lindquist, she cited his policies, which she characterized as “fundamentally at odds” with her own.