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Slippery parking lot partially open, work continues

The Natural Resources Building visitor parking lot will remain partially closed the next week, according to the Department of General Administration. A section of the lot - about 60 stalls - is available for use. The lot was closed on Oct. 29, shortly after it the completion of a $375,000 resurfacing project. The new waterproof seal was deemed too slippery to walk on. Part of the lot that had not been resurfaced was reopened Nov. 3.

General Administration put down rubber mats earlier this month to create a safe walkway from the reopened parking stalls to the Natural Resources Building, the agency reported last week, but some people are ignoring the walkways, ducking under the caution tape and walking across the slippery surface.

The last time I checked in on this, Jim Erskine over at GA said they had ruled against spreading sand on the lot and instead wait for the contractor to address the situation.

"We decided it was better from a contract perspective to let them come up with their own solution – quickly," he said.

Click here for a parking map.