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Revenue earns another clean audit

The Department of Revenue has earned its 16th-straight clean audit from the Washington State Auditor, the agency announced Monday.

The annual audit issued by State Auditor Brian Sonntag contained no findings, or problems with how the Department processed $18.2 billion in tax revenue annually, including 96 percent of all state general fund tax collections and all local sales taxes.

"This outstanding record is indicative of management’s interest in compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to your agency," Sonntag wrote in his cover letter to the audit. "It's important to give special recognition to agencies that consistently exhibit a commitment to solid accounting practices and systems of internal control."

Revenue Director Cindi Holmstrom said in addition to ensuring that public funds are being collected and managed efficiently and effectively, the audit review process helps the agency identify ways it can fine tune its operations.

"These reviews always lead to further improvements in how we manage our tax system, and that is a real benefit to our Department and the public," she said.

The audit report is available here.