Washington state

Reader salutes

After a fantastic night at Arts Walk, my partner and I closed our studio/gallery and went home filled with great feelings about downtown, seeing old friends and meeting new people who were recent transplants to Olympia. At about 1:30 AM, the police called us to say that someone had kicked in one of our big plate glass windows. Bleary-eyed, I drove downtown to face the damage.

The police stayed until I pulled out a sheet of plywood, but then were on their way. I was struggling with the task of boarding up the large window by myself when a kind young man appeared and offered to help me. He stayed despite the fact that his other friends were off to an after-hours gathering, and the two of us were joined by a young lady who had met him that evening. We got the window covered, and I asked for his name, saying I wanted to give him some money.

"Oh no," he said, "money is what's messing up this world."

I wanted to write this and thank him (and his newly found friend) for helping me in the middle of the night when dozens of others walked by. He was the type of young man whose appearance might cause some negative critics to say, "That's the kind of person who is ruining our downtown". To paraphrase Dr. King, let's not judge people by the length of their dreadlocks, but by the content of their character.

Nancy Sigafoos, Olympia


What a wonderful community! I want to thank all the donors, shoppers and volunteers from the recent garage sale fundraiser for the Harrison Fry Medical Fund. So many people from our community called with donations - some who know him others who just wanted to help out this young man who was in a car accident and has months of physical therapy ahead of him. I met some great people and the event was a success. On behalf of the family we give you all a heartfelt thanks.

Fran Williams, Olympia

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