Washington state

Football game ends in death

CANBY, Ore. - A Clackamas County man died when a fist fight broke out between men watching a National Football League playoff game, the authorities said.

Christopher Lucas, 36, of Canby was not breathing when deputies arrived, and paramedics were unable to revive him. Clackamas County investigators arrested Matthew Jay Stutzman, 27, of Beaverton and charged him with murder.

Detective Jim Strovink said deputies found beer bottles on the lawn and a broken window when they arrived at the Canby home Saturday. Roughly 10 people were there to watch a game, and Strovink said Stutzman had been drinking: "He became very belligerent, very obnoxious and tried to entice people into fights."

Strovink said Stutzman focused on Lucas, who had a heart condition and tried to avoid fighting. Several other people, including the victim's brother, Troy Lucas, tried to intervene.

"Unfortunately, the victim did receive some significant blows," Strovink said.