Kiwanis give great service with wood

Ten years ago, the Kiwanis Club of Olympia started a new community service project in the wake of the ice storm that had struck South Sound between that Christmas and New Year's.

Ice-laden trees and branches snapped all night long. Club members saw all of that downed timber and realized it could be used to heat the homes of the poor.

Every year since, club members have cut, split and dried firewood for delivery to South Sound residents who need it for cooking or heating.

In 2006, the club delivered firewood to 67 families. A young couple with a 15-month-old child and an AmeriCorps Nature Conservancy worker who rely on firewood for heat were just two of the recipients.

Each family gets one cord of wood per year, and the wood has been allowed to age for an entire year before it is delivered. Club members rely on tree service companies and individual donations of wood to help serve the poor.

Kiwanis Club members made a herculean effort last year to serve the 67 families, as the average in previous years has been 45 families.

What a great community service project!