Letters to the editor for Jan. 8

Respect the

rights of others

This is in response to the letter by Janet Blanding concerning her boycott of Ralph's. If she truly believes in the rights of citizens, she should act accordingly.

For those who believe Ralph's should stock "an emergency contraceptive" because they are the only nearby pharmacy - a simple call to a pharmacy that delivers to your home is available. If the need for the contraceptive is unplanned - call the pharmacy that delivers for your contraceptive needs and stock up. Take responsibility for your own life events. If it is truly an emergency need for the contraceptive, call the police - rape is involved. The hospital will provide the contraceptive.

Ralph's, like every other business, doesn't carry all of the supplies my family wants or needs. We plan accordingly and go where we must or choose to.

A boycott is not in order, but rather a "community apology" and a vote of thanks to Ralph's for serving the community with integrity without hurting a neighbor. Being responsible for your own actions without impacting innocent bystanders is a measure of integrity that isn't shown in Blanding's letter.

On behalf of the business community and this community of good citizens, I apologize to Ralph's, the Stormans family and their employees for being treated so shabbily by the boycotters, including the governor, in this misguided boycott. May 2007 be a year where all citizens take responsibility for their own actions and respect the rights of others.

Bob Wubbena, Olympia

Pulling the curtain

on all of the bullies

In a recent letter to the editor, David M. Koch calls the Green Party insignificant, points to the vote for Aaron Dixon as proof, and asks if we're "a real party or just a small number of malcontents and activists."

Unfortunately for Koch, the Green Party does not consist of one local or state party or one candidate but upon a 30-year-old and growing global movement with parties in over 70 countries and members being elected locally and nationally on five continents.

I'll be the first to admit it's not easy building a third party in Washington state or anywhere in the United States for that matter. After all, we live in a country dominated by big business monopolies, two political parties, a corporate-driven media, with the largest military machine ever assembled to protect our corporate national interests worldwide and in a world with growing poverty and hunger, wars for dwindling resources and global warming which threatens all life on the planet.

If, in fact, we Greens are living in the land of Oz, as Koch suggests, then perhaps it's high time we pulled the curtain on all the bullies of the world, all the phonies blowing hot air, all those making us afraid while hiding behind curtains of cowardice, lies and cruelty.

We hope to attract more malcontents and planet conscious activists! If you want to create a more hopeful future, please consider joining the local Green Party.

Chris Stegman, Olympia

Is Tacoma City Light

paying attention?

Early last November, Western Washington had a severe Hawaiian express rainstorm. The Alder Lake Reservoir in Nisqually Valley was 51 feet below capacity, due to our earlier dry summer. Even though there was no snowpack to melt, the storm devastated upper Nisqually Valley and raised the reservoir 38 feet (13 feet below capacity). The river stayed between the banks in the lower valley.

The rains have continued to saturate the state and build up huge snowpacks in the hills. Alder Lake Reservoir is now around four feet below capacity. This is extremely dangerous to people and property below the dam in Nisqually Valley.

A Hawaiian express rainstorm, now, could devastate the lower, already saturated, valley. There is no margin of protection at current reservoir levels. Private industries, such as Weyerhaeuser, have a company motto: "Safety is Number One." Municipal governments, such as Tacoma Power, seem to have the motto: "Electrical sales is number one, to (bleep) with safety."

Is Thurston County Emergency Management paying attention to the current danger? Last January, the reservoir was allowed to rise to within five feet of capacity during a time of record rainstorms. The reservoir had to be dumped in the middle of a heavy, cool rain and caused flooding in the lower valley. How about a little proactive conversation with Tacoma Power?

Tacoma Power is required to keep Mossyrock dam 40 feet below capacity in the winter. Why can't they show some consideration for those who live below Alder Lake?

Howard Glastetter, Olympia