Letters to the editor for Jan. 9

George Bush

is not a king

I don't get it?

The founding fathers of this great country we live in set up the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government so there would be checks and balances so no one person could rule as a king or "decider."

King George doesn't get it.

Now, after all of the lies, deception and corruption, the majority of Congress, the majority of the public and consensus of military leaders are against what is going on in Iraq. Still, one person still believes that sending more Americans into harm's way is the only answer.

When will the will of the people be listened to? When will those with the power to stop this insanity tell the decider that he can't continue to be the decider if he continues on this same path?

In 1967, I finished my first tour in Vietnam, I believed I was there for a just cause, and after I returned for my second tour I realized I was there just because. We need to support our troops now. We need to bring them home and take care of them and their families when they get here. I urge everyone reading this to get involved - contact your elected officials and let them know that enough is enough. Not just one time, but over and over. Make your voice heard.

More than 3,000 Americans have died. It seems all politicians are only concerned for King GW's legacy. Stand up and say "enough is enough."

Bring them home - NOW!

Jerry Simmons, Lacey

Thurston Community

Television in jeopardy

On Dec 20, the three Republican members of the Federal Communications Commission ignored the passionate pleas from the two Democrats and gave the telephone companies exactly what they want. Cities across the country will have only 90 days to offer a franchise to competitors of cable. In addition, all in-kind services, public education government money, institutional networks, channel space and cable drops will have to come out of the

5 percent franchise fees at whatever the new provider wishes to charge.

What this means for Thurston County is a significant reduction of funding for TCTV and no guarantee that existing TCTV channels will be carried on new cable or telephone video services. It lets new providers begin to operate a network simply by refusing to do anything for 90 days until the mandatory timetable is up. Then existing cable companies will claim it is an unlevel playing field until they get out of franchise obligations as well. If this happens, it is the end of Thurston Community Television.

Our hope survives in reports that the FCC doesn't have the legal authority to do this. This rogue commission is out of control. We need to jump on the backs of our congressional representatives and make them overturn the new illegal ruling.

For more information, go to www.saveaccess.org.

Robert Kam, Olympia

Christians have

civil rights, too

It is worse than reprehensible that it is perfectly all right to display a menorah at the Capitol building yet the nativity scene requires further legal study. It is equally reprehensible that apparently both the governor and the attorney general are perfectly comfortable with the aforementioned.

Evidently the civil rights and liberties of Christians are of less stature than those of the Jewish faith and those who act out their concocted infringements of their rights in the theater of the contemporary judiciary. The concept that governmental agency endorses the Christian faith if a symbol is displayed has the same credibility as North Carolina District Attorney Michael Nifong has.

Joe Winkler, Olympia

Integrity is the

key ingredient

I applaud Thurston County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney William Halstead for resigning and saving Ed Holm's office further public embarrassment. I am a little disappointed that there wasn't some statement to the effect of poor choices.

I also thank Halstead for being a strong finisher and seeing the Lynn Soeby murder case to the end. Our county needed that. I know he is a very competent trial lawyer. I disagree with Sheriff's Captain Jim Chamberlin's assessments of Halstead as having a "good professional reputation."

Integrity has to be a major part of a man's reputation. We can't separate our reputation into little pockets and call them our professional reputation, or our public reputation, or our family reputation. It is just our reputation.

Integrity is the key ingredient. It is the one thing that no one can take from us. It is the greatest gift we can give our sons.

Rocky Watts, Rochester