Letters to the editor for Jan. 15

More troops equals

more casualties

There can be only one result of sending more troops to Iraq: MORE U.S. MILITARY CASUALTIES.

And that means more Iraqi casualties, even further destruction of Iraq and of the United States' image in the world.

What is the objective of a SURGE? More unnecessary deaths for the vanity of the unelected president? The so-called insurgents will fade into the rubble during the surge, and reappear just as strong or stronger when the surge troops are removed.

There can be only one result of approving more money we don't have to military spending in Iraq: Even more debt on which we will all pay interest for the rest of our lives and those of our kids and grandkids. Congress MUST blow the whistle and stop this out-of-control, run-amok administration from even more egregious war crimes.

Bring our troops home now - ALL OF THEM.

Lois Walker, Shelton

Charge them or

set them free

As of Jan. 11, it's been five years since the first detainees arrived at Guantanamo Bay. During that time, the vast majority of these men have been held in indefinite detention, without charge or trial. Our government has denied that these men have the basic right to challenge their detentions. I find it difficult to accept that we've tolerated torture and have left people in hopeless legal limbo. Those detained should be either charged and fairly tried or released. It is time to close Guantanamo and end the lawlessness.

Roger B. Tanquist, Olympia

Americans should

be ashamed

Do we have a double standard where justice is concerned? Saddam Hussein has been found guilty of causing the death of hundreds of his fellow citizens, and was sentenced to death by hanging.

Our president, George W. Bush, is guilty of causing thousands of Iraqi deaths plus causing thousands of his fellow Americans to die and he is praised for standing up for his principles! Americans should bow their heads in shame for allowing this so-called president to lead us into this mess. Until America wakes up and demands higher standards, more intelligence and accountability in our leaders, we deserve what we get. We have set back and allowed our leaders to spend us into bankruptcy by always demanding more from our government and giving no thought to where the money is to come from to support our demands.

And then let some egotistical so-and-so put us in a very costly and unjustified war. Iraq was no more a threat to America than Maine is to Oregon.

For his atrocities against his own people and the innocent citizens of Iraq, George W. Bush should be right beside Saddam in the gallows. We would surely not miss him!

Dan Beedle, Olympia

Reach out to

help the homeless

Now that we've all suffered through the power outages and have experienced sleepless nights in the cold and food spoiled in the fridge, we can take time to think how the homeless and less fortunate feel when they live like this daily.

If we could all donate a small amount of money, even time to worthy causes like Olympia Union Gospel Mission, The Salvation Army, United Way, or any organization that reaches out to the less fortunate, not only can we help better their lives, but also enrich ours.

I was very blessed to help prepare and serve lunch on Christmas Day at the Olympia Union Gospel Mission. With other volunteers in the kitchen, the work and camaraderie, it was a real joy to reach out and help others.

With all of the work that we all do at Hood Canal Food Bank in Hoodsport, to know that you're enriching people's lives and helping out, it really does matter. Thank you Olympia Union Gospel Mission for letting me share in your Christmas celebration. And the two ladies who played Christmas carols on the piano, you were great.

Bill Carder, Hoodsport

Give the public

more beach access

I applaud Gov. Chris Gregoire for her plan to improve the health of Puget Sound. To inspire all residents of the region to pay for this, I suggest that we allow public access on all Puget Sound beaches up to the high tide line.

Parker MacCready, Olympia