Letters to the editor for Jan. 22

Don't let Olympia use

Chambers Creek

In the Jan. 8th Chambers Drainage District #3 meeting, I felt the residents were being denied their rights.

The committee is trying to maintain water drainage for those living in the Chamber Creek Basin. Olympia wants to also use the creek for runoff from future home sites. The creek has maxed out on water flow within these last few weeks. It was designed to be used by the people who reside in the Chambers Creek Basin. This area alone is being overpopulated for the creek's water flow capacity.

I have seen this type of gross error before. Muirhead placed a slipshod culvert along my fence line to the Wiggins Road. My land was flooded and we lived in a quagmire along with our cattle for a number of years. We protested and sand bags were placed along our fence line. Still the water came rushing onto our fields. Finally, the county installed a new culvert at the taxpayers' expense.

At the meeting pictures were shown of runoff occurring from the retaining pond on Herman Road or 38th Avenue into the creek. This is total abuse of ecological standards. I will wager the same will happen if Olympia is allowed to go ahead with its present plans of dispersing its runoff into Chambers Creek. Many engineers were at the meeting giving predictions, but Mother Nature has a means of defying their

well -thought-out plans.

Olympia should not be permitted to use Chambers Creek.

George Gundersen, Olympia

British have wised up,

why not Americans?

There can be no denying the insanity of sending more soldiers into the Iraq quagmire.

The British have finally recognized there is no way to win in Iraq and are starting to remove their troops. The American people know this too and two-thirds of Americans oppose the escalation, according to a recent CNN poll. However, Bush, Cheney, and Rice remain insulated from the real world and believe they can dominate the world by keeping us in a state of perpetual war.

It is time for the Republicans to abandon this president and his administration. They lied to get us into Iraq, demonstrating that they will stop at nothing in their mad pursuit of power. They do not represent the interests of America or the Republican Party.

Republicans must stand up for America by taking the bold step of removing this administration from office in order to return put us back on a sane path.

The safety of our country and world depends on it.

Gail Johnson, Olympia

Bush's plan for Iraq

is destined to fail

It seems more than a little unfair to me.

We trash Iraq. Now we blame Nouri al-Maliki, prime minister of Iraq, and designate time benchmarks by which he is supposed to have it fixed.

The president's new "great leap forward" sounds like reheated rhetoric with a new slogan - call it surge or augmentation. I call it delusional.

Amy Bell, Olympia

Finding joy in the

Christmas season

Whether it was the jolly, holly music of the holiday season, or the ever-burgeoning newspaper inserts on Sunday, I felt a sense of dread approaching. It was Nov. 15th, and I wanted to cringe at the approaching frantic, commercialization of what I call Christmas.

Knowing little in my mature years about Xbox, TiVo and iPods, I couldn't help but notice the excessive pages devoted to exploring the wonders of these devices, without which, it was implied, one would be left behind. While I did admire the huge flat screen TV advertisements, with their fine and detailed images, I questioned if it would improve the quality of programs.

Would clarity of image encourage lofty ideals, portray people of character or stimulate us to think critically?

Thank you, Olympia. Instead of dwelling on all the aspects of Christmas that undermine its meaning, I found great joy in participating in the many and varied activities that this wonderful city offers. Among the outstanding events in December: The Masterworks Choral Ensemble presentation of "Here We Come A-Wassailing" and The Olympia Choral Society concert. Additionally, we enjoyed the radio play, "It's a Wonderful Life," at the Olympia Little Theatre," "The Twelfth Night of Stardust" and "The Gifts of the Magi," at Evergreen Playhouse in Centralia. Practically every production attended was sold out. The singing and acting were superb, the audiences appreciative.

Well done, Olympia!

Bernadette Farrell, Olympia