Letters to the editor for Feb. 25

Sex education bill will promote early teen sex

Our Legislature is eroding parental and local control on sex education.

House Bill 1297 and Senate Bill 5297 approve a new OSPI sex education curriculum, promoted by Planned Parenthood to strip away parental and local controls that are currently granted in WAC 180-50-140 and abstinence education funded by Congress.

OSPI excluded involvements of abstinence education groups when developing this curriculum, which makes it inherently biased. Having scanned it myself, I was appalled at how condom use sounded like commercials made by condom manufacturers.

This bill creates several controls for OSPI that has no similarities on any other subjects taught in schools. It will ban abstinence only education and will only allow bureaucrats, not local districts, to create the list of approved sex education speakers. The bill also dictates education of all sexual behaviors under the disguise of non-discrimination.

Besides, this bill will require information taught to be supported by medical and scientific research. Now sex education is about human behavior, a social science that is not always absolute like Einstein's theory. If we reduce sex education to science, we are telling our youth that human sexual behaviors are no different than those of animals.

The Legislature is taking advantage of busy parents to advance the agenda of their supporter, Planned Parenthood. This bill will promote early teen sex and spread of sexually transmitted disease that no birth control method can prevent. I fear for our next generation!

Rose Gundersen, Olympia

Break the axis of errors by supporting impeachment

The president and vice president have made mistake after mistake. Violations of U.S. laws and the Constitution are common yet asserted as rights of the executive branch, particularly as commander in chief in time of war.

Wholesale disregard for international laws and treaties have made our great country a pariah, a rogue state not living up to its moral standards. Admission of errors and establishing new direction based on today's real world situation is not possible when "Mission Accomplished" and "Total Victory" are the delusional standards for current policies.

I support our troops. My son-in-law is a paratrooper in Iraq. Supporting the troops is not the same as supporting failed policies that create enemies faster than we can kill them.

I also support leadership that has the courage to take actions based on the welfare of the country and the world, not those who are captured by the fear of the next election. State Sen. Eric Oemig, D-Kirkland, will sponsor a state petition to impeach the president and vice president. He speaks of a moral imperative that transcends partisan politics. Speak out to both state and federal legislators.

We can break the axis of errors by supporting impeachment.

Jack Hulsey, Olympia

Parents have legitimate concerns about program

Last September, I learned about Olympia School District's middle school math curriculum adoption through word of mouth. I started to look into CMP2 to learn more.

Since I place great value in the opinions of my children's devoted teachers, I met with several math teachers (elementary, middle and high schools) to discuss CMP2. Their opinions are Trailblazers and CMP2 curriculums are lacking and deficient in basic fundamental math skills. The consensus was our children need to master basic fundamental math skills before moving on to developing concepts to reason and solve problems.

Soon, I realized this is not so much about what is best for our children. The reality is the district's agenda is to implement CMP2 at any cost. After all, how would it look if the district did not implement CMP2, given the superintendent's wife is the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction to Terry Bergeson (OSPI) who wrote her Ph.D. thesis on constructivist learning.

Now, everything is crystal clear.

Parents are not receiving notice from schools and the math review committee is stacked with so many district administrative staff. Concerned parents are labeled as fanatical, ignorant, misinformed and emotional.

My question is why did Olympia School District even bother with all the math review committee meetings and community forums? It is just a waste of everyone's time and effort - teachers out of classroom, parents out of family time.

Please, let's dispense with the charade - just adopt CMP2 and call it good! Concerned parents could always hire private tutors!

Sou Chiam, Olympia