Our View: Society forgets to protect their elders

The stories that grab the headlines are heart wrenching.

There's the widow who is bilked out of thousands of dollars by a scam artist who knocks on her door and convinces her that she needs to replace the roof of her home. He takes the money and skips town.

That's why Attorney General Rob McKenna and state social-welfare officials deserve support in their effort to hold a June summit to focus the public's attention on the growing problem of theft from seniors, their neglect and abuse.

As a society, we focus a lot of attention on vulnerable kids. It's time we devoted attention to those in the twilight of life and how they and their friends and family members can better protect them.

McKenna and top state officials say the rate of exploitation, neglect and abuse of vulnerable adults is increasing at a time when the nation's population is aging.

This community and this state holds great expectations for the summer summit and the solutions that follow.