All the answers are in the Bible

In a letter to the editor published May 20, J.M. Collins foolishly blames the GOP for major social ills brought on by the Obama administration: Obama, as president, has declared we are no longer a Christian nation. This is a red flag and may be true, but we definitely are not a nation without Christians. I, for one, flatly state I am a Christian and publicly denounce our country’s direction. I strongly urge others to do likewise — regardless of party affiliation. Collins points out questions we need to ponder while voting.

Yes, abortion is an important question: My Bible tells me this is wrong, and after 55 million “legal” infanticide deaths, we can expect accountability for our actions and inactions. Yes, homosexuality is another important question: My Bible tells me this also is wrong, and we can certainly expect accountability for our actions and inactions here. And, yes, it is important that our country try to right wrongs, wherever they pop up on our planet. “To whom much is given, much is expected” Luke 12:48 — but first we need to right our own wrongs. To know right and do nothing, is a sin (James 4:17) — so, I ask, why do you expect rewards (as Collins considers – food, shelter, clothing, etc.)? God has already declared Himself, and we have no excuse (Romans 1:20) in our denials. So, we get what we deserve. Our nation is in demise. Look up! Your answers are in the Bible.