Sheldon defection resulted in near-record inactivity

Voters in the 35th Legislative District should choose Irene Bowling, a Democrat, in the Aug. 5 primary if they want to see the Legislature break out of last year’s holding pattern.

Irene has operated a small business for over 30 years and has a long history of involvement in her community. Her family were loggers and shipyard workers. She is a straightforward Democrat who prioritizes the needs of hard-working people ahead of corporate and special interests. She says we deserve a Legislature that will actually pass a transportation package, a capital budget and will finally fully fund education.

She will bring new energy and ideas to a state government that has lately been a model of inactivity. Much of that inactivity was caused deliberately by her opponent, Tim Sheldon who has enjoyed a 24-year career in the Legislature.

This part-time Mason County Commissioner and rogue Democrat bolted his party, destroying its Senate majority and formed a coalition with minority Republicans in exchange for the plum position of President Pro Tem of the Senate. In the 2014 session, this resulted in a near record lack of serious accomplishments.

Sheldon collected the full amount of both his Senate and County Commission salaries and boasted of the record achieved by his coalition. Irene Bowling pledges that, she will fight for schools, the environment, responsible leadership in the Senate, and families.

Toby Kevin