Supports Tom Farmer Mason County PUD 3

Tom Farmer is a responsible and resourceful person. That is why voters want Tom Farmer responsible for their resources in Mason County PUD 3. I have known Tom for 11 years. It was only later after I had finished college (encouraged by Tom), that I came to realize Tom Farmer is not only an outstanding citizen, but also a self-made man who exemplifies all the characteristics of our ancestors who came to this land to take the road less traveled. I am talking about the high road that is a path of ethical excellence and hard work. Tom Farmer has spent the last six years as commissioner echoing the spirit of what makes our country great. Tom’s work ethic and can-do attitude have inspired me to accomplish my own goals and give back to the community. With Tom Farmer as your PUD 3 commissioner, you can rest assured that your vote is a vote for what makes America the greatest nation on earth.

Jason McCausland