Parental talk could end some police shootings

After this last shooting of a young black male, I decided that I can no longer sit by and say nothing. Parents of black and white children alike need to take the president's advice and talk to their kids about how to behave when confronted by a police obfficer, be they white or black.

I'm not black, so I don't know what that conversation sounds like in those households. I do know what that conversation sounded like in mine. It was simple, if you smart off when stopped by a police officer, you are wrong. If you beat people up, you are wrong and you will be in trouble. If you steal things and are caught, you will go to jail. And, if you ever try to fight a police officer or pull a gun out and point it at a police officer, you will be shot and probably killed.

Not once have I heard any family member of these slain young men state that they had that conversation with their sons or daughters; nor have I heard the question posed to them. These deaths were all avoidable and hopefully they stop now. Please, have that talk with your kids.

Teddy L. Buzbee