Boston Marathon bomber deserves life in prison

I’m deeply disappointed that the Boston Marathon bomber got the death penalty instead of life without parole at the ADX Supermax prison in Colorado.

Yes, he did it. Yes, he’s a monster. Yes, he showed no remorse. But giving him the death penalty just makes all his dreams come true: He not only got to murder lots of infidels. But then he also gets to die as a martyr to Islam. Those 72 virgins are just a needle away.

That’s why he should have been given life without parole. By all accounts, the SuperMax prison in Colorado is hell on earth. That’s exactly what Dzhokhar Tsarnaev deserves for the rest of his life. Execution is not the worst possible penalty he could get. But spending the rest of his life rotting in the Supermax prison is.

Additionally a life sentence would let his victims forget him and move on with their lives. In contrast, the death sentence appeals would force them to relive the horror. I say: Let him rot in jail forever.

Connie Manson