Letters to the Editor for July 28

Lake looked awful during Lakefair

I had an enjoyable visit to Lakefair. It was a beautiful day. Everything was perfect — except for Capitol Lake.

The lake looked awful! If there’s one time in the year when we want the lake to look good, it’s during Lakefair.

This is a special time to show off our city and our normally beautiful lake. Thousands of visitors are in town.

According to The Olympian, the lake was drawn down to accommodate a road project. I’m sure the project could have been done earlier, or, been put on hold a few days so as not to affect the lake during Lakefair.

I can only assume whoever authorized the lowering of Capitol Lake during this special time was either very inconsiderate, or, just plain mean. At least it gave us a preview of what the lake will look like when it’s turned into an estuary.



Buxbaum will be a voice of reason

The Thurston County Progressive Network held a splendid picnic recently. More than 20 local political candidates graciously mingled and responded to questions asked them by the emcee.

For me, one candidate stood out from the rest — Stephen Buxbaum.

Buxbaum is running for Jeff Kingsbury’s seat on the Olympia City Council. Kingsbury has given a great deal of his time and enormous talents to our city for more than a dozen years. However, this past year he pushed forward a vote and accompanying debate that has deeply divided Olympia.

Today we know that several months before the council officially considered the isthmus vote, the Department of Ecology met with the city on three occasions and recommended each time against the city’s pursuit of this spot rezone.

The entire costly rezone process, led by councilors Kingsbury, Joan Machlis, Greg Ottavelli, Rhenda Strub and Mayor Doug Mah, has been a failure.

All the players are in limbo, and citizens on both sides of the debate are unhappy and frustrated.

At the Pro-net picnic Buxbaum told the audience, “When there are regularly overflow audiences at City Council meetings, you know something is broken.”

I agree. The city hasn’t been listening.

In August we can vote for Stephen Buxbaum to become a new voice of reason on our City Council. The election offers us our best chance to again live in a city that is optimistic and whole — a city where the will of the majority still matters.



Health care system is broken

My wife is a quilter. She spends countless hours stitching away by hand. Our whole family sleeps under them but she does not sell them.

This quilt, however, is different. She is making it for a friend who is trying to raise money for a friend of hers who is trying to have a much needed operation.

Wonderful, yes?

Of course. This is the kind of thing that woman and men used to do for third world countries who couldn’t afford or were without health services.

The reality of this situation is that her effort will likely be soaked up by a for profit, over-inflated health care system. She must try anyway, though, because it must be done — if enough people do it, it will happen.

I wonder if any CEOs would care to contribute? Anybody got their address?



Limbaugh, Beck have been caught in lies

So Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck don’t lie?

Let me disabuse the deliverer of that dangerously mindless notion with these actual quotes:


1. Lie: “Poor people in America are better off than the mainstream families of Europe.” Truth: Average income for the poorest 20 percent in the U.S.: $5,226; Western Europe: $19,708.

2. Lie: “There is no such thing as an implied contract.” Truth: Every first-year law student knows there is.

3. Lie: “Women were doing quite well in this country before feminism came along.” Truth: Before feminism women couldn’t even vote.

4. Lie: Obama “is not black, he’s Arab — he’s from Arab parts of Africa ...” Truth: Obama’s father was a black native of Kenya, which is not an Arab part of anything.


1. Lie: “There has never been a president not sworn in on a Bible.” Truth: At least four previous presidents were not sworn on a Bible; there is no constitutional requirement that they do so.

2. Lie: Noble Prize for Economics winner Paul Krugman “missed entirely the industry’s $8 trillion housing bubble.” Truth: Krugman started writing about a potential real estate bubble back in 2002.

3. Lie: Obama’s “friends and his nominees and everything, they’re all Marxists.” Truth: Not a single person in the Obama cabinet is a Marxist.

These are just a few chosen from an enormous number of lies by these residents of wingnut radio and “Faux” News, home of the big lies and the big liars who spew them.