Mullen Road extension is worth celebrating

Local dignitaries gathered near the intersection of Mullen Road and College Street at noon last Friday to dedicate the new Mullen Road extension in Lacey.

This pivotal east/west link between College Street and Ruddell, may only be a mile in length, but it’s value cannot be understated.

As Lacey has grown and traffic has increased, its been difficult to navigate some city streets. The addition of the wildly popular Rainier Vista Park on 45th Avenue has added to the traffic woes.

The new Mullen Road extension link will help ease the flow of school buses between Komachin Middle School and Timberline High School, both off Mullen Road.

The $3.8 million roadway, includes a travel lane in each direction with dedicated left-turn lanes at intersections; landscaped medians and planter strips containing more than 500 trees and 4,000 accent plantings; bike lanes; sidewalks; and energy efficient light emitting diode (LED) street lights.

This vital roadway has been in the works since the mid-1980s when city officials first began acquiring the necessary right-of-way. The project was financed through $1.7 million in Washington State Transportation Improvement Board funding, $1.6 million in city funds, and a half-million dollars from the LOTT Clean Water Alliance. It’s great to have the Mullen Road extension project completed.