Pooling of motor pool the right road to take

The State Department of General Administration manages the state motor pool consisting of about 1,800 sedans, sports utility vehicles, light trucks and vans.

The number of vehicles in the GA motor pool could grow to nearly 5,000 over the next year.

But, in this case, rapid growth should equal increased efficiencies, monetary savings and fewer vehicles on the road.

That’s because there is a move afoot directed by the governor to consolidate many of the smaller vehicle fleets operated by state agencies and high education institutions into one motor pool.

General Administration has already taken over management of nine vehicle fleets from smaller agencies. In the process, it has taken 56 vehicles out of service, saving overall operating costs, reducing fuel consumption and curbing vehicle exhaust emissions.

The GA motor pool is better equipped to manage fleets originally under the control of small state agencies. GA can perform life-cycle analyses to figure out when is the right time to replace or retire a vehicle.

The motor pool also has a high-tech fleet management information system to track repairs, fuel consumption, mileage and other vehicle operating costs.

Motor pool consolidation is a good example of state government finding sensible, cost effective ways to do business in tough budget times and beyond.