Historic Olympia building is looking spiffy

YAY: The Eagles, Painted

Olympia’s historic Eagles Club, a big cube of a building on the corner of Fourth and Plum near downtown Olympia, has been looking pretty forlorn for the past few years. Thank heaven it’s finally getting a new paint job. And if people help the Eagles make its fundraising goal, it could even get new windows. That would be truly fabulous. It’s an Olympia icon. It deserves the best.

BOO: Domestic violence culture

The Department of Defense has put some effort into changing the culture of tolerance for violence against women within the branches of the U.S. military. But it obviously hasn’t done enough. Last week, a Marine recruiter in King County was charged with first-degree sexual misconduct for allegedly using his position to force a 17-year-old girl to have sex. When the danger of sexual violence begins before a woman even joins the military, she might reasonably conclude that only further horrors await her if she chooses a military career.

BOO: Free pot for poor

Berkeley, California, was once the epicenter of free thinking and free love. But we never imagined it would also promote free marijuana. The City Council has ordered medical marijuana dispensaries to donate 2 percent of their pot to low-income residents. Council reasoned that people who need pot for medical purposes shouldn’t be denied access based on income. Continuing that line of thought, why not give them free antibiotics, heart transplants and refrigerators? This is just Berkeley trying to recapture its ’60s edge, but it’s wrong.

YAY: Preventing fraud

Thurston County families will soon receive offers of free tutoring for their kids. When the federal Department of Education revoked our state’s waiver from the No Child Left Behind law, it redirected about $40 million from school budgets annually to pay for tutoring students who want extra help. But not all of those offers will come from respectable tutoring companies. New state and federal regulations aim to prevent fraudulent operations, but parents should check with their school district or the state Office of Public Instruction before signing up with a tutoring company.

YAY: Walking

Researchers at Stanford University have found that walking boosts creative thought. After walking, participants in a study had an 81 percent increase in tests of their creative thinking process. The boost lingered even after they sat down. Walking outdoors multiplied the effect. And, it’s good for your health.