Letters to the Editor

Time for the city to become involved in Budd Inlet cleanup

Last week the Port Commission passed a resolution providing $2 million toward a matching grant of another $2 million from the Department of Ecology for a total of $4 million toward cleaning up sediment contamination in Budd Inlet. The first phase is to be source identification. The dioxin hot spot in East Bay lies at the Moxlie Creek outfall. The source is almost certainly tidal flux into the Moxlie Creek pipe. The pipe belongs to the city. Much of the surrounding area belongs to the city. How does the port intend to identify and control sources if the limit of the study area ends at the line with city property? There's no point in cleaning up if the source hasn't been controlled.

The only way to solve this problem is going to be for the port and the city to work together. The city should apply for a Federal NEP grant toward cleaning up and restoring a portion of the estuary. This would solve the problem of source control and we could move forward with fixing the bay.

The port and the city must work together on this because the problem overlaps jurisdictions. If the port and the city won't work together, there will be no solution.