Letters to the Editor

Smart meter linked to problems

Yesterday, a Puget Sound Energy employee put a “smart meter” on my bedroom wall to send power use and other information to the utility. I was given no option, being told if I wanted continued electric service, I had to have this meter. Over the past 15 years, I have received hundreds of health complaints from people newly exposed to smart meters. The old analog meters with the rotating horizontal discs, served us well for over a century with no problems. These new meters were introduced worldwide with no safety or health testing, because they replaced the meter readers.

These devices are mini cell towers, radiating microwaves from a small transmitter. Since all transmitters run on DC, they also contain a switching power supply to change the utility AC to DC. These interrupt current flow and send dirty electricity (high frequency voltage transients) back into house wiring and the grid. I have documented the health effects of dirty electricity in a book called “Dirty Electricity”. The scientific papers on which the book is based are available on my website: sammilham.com.

The many problems caused by smart meters including fires, explosions and burnt out appliances, cybersecurity risks, invasion of privacy, cost increases, and health effects are documented at emfsafetynetwork.org/smart-meters