Letters to the Editor

Why do we need an Electoral College?

The Electoral College was created at a time when only certain male landowners could vote because the populace couldn’t be trusted to elect intelligently. So - no women, no slaves, no landless need apply.

In the 21st century, access to information (whether you bother to read it or not) is virtually everywhere, so ignorance of the issues is no excuse. But to have a popular vote that means nothing when it descends into the Electoral College maelstrom is so out of date that it is the laughingstock of other democracies around the world.

How about stopping the waste of money and time that electing electors and having never-ending caucuses creates? How about doing away with the electoral college where a handful of people might or might not vote the way their state voted, where some states with greater populations have more votes than states with less people, where the results of electoral votes don’t match the popular vote. In other democracies, a vote is a vote.

Here a vote is lost in the electoral maze. What’s the matter - don’t you trust the people? Why should we trust a system like this, where my vote is important, but not as important as an elector’s? George Orwell said it well in Animal Farm. “All animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others.” It’s time to bring our elections into the 21st century and bid a fond farewell to the 18th.