Letters to the Editor

Trial delays have plenty of reasons

This is in regards to the on-going assault/shop-lifting case against Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin by the City of Olympia. I’m sure I’m not alone in asking why this May 2015 incident is taking so long to be heard. Here are the obvious reasons:

1- The defense team hasn’t fully “created” its arguments, including the one which has their two clients out for an evening of midnight skateboarding and wishing they had some shop-lifted beer to drink.

2-Serious consideration for the cost of a guilty verdict against Thompson and Chaplin, This would include graffiti and looting rampages by ignorant hooligans in downtown Olympia.

3- The extra-protection which will be needed for our police officers, the ones tasked with dealing with these kinds of criminals.

4 - Extended sympathy for the “Black Lives Matter” movement which in this case, includes,trying to “move” beer from a grocery store without paying for it and violently “moving” skateboards in the direction of a police officer.

5- Patience for the defense team because they can’t manipulate a discovery report into justifying the actions of the accused and

6- The need to find 12 jurors who are not apt to think that just because the evidence clearly indicates these two men are guilty, they are instead innocent. Have I left any reasons out?

Having said that, if I’m wrong, I will apologize to both Thompson and Chaplin and buy them a case of beer at their favorite Safeway. Otherwise, it’s time to man up.