Letters to the Editor

Puritan expecting us to live by his ancient values

Just a little history, The Puritans were not Pilgrims.

The Puritans are the people who brought the world the Salem Witch Trials and all of the associated executions. They saw devils behind every tree. Attempted to eliminate all Native Americans who lived near them. Banished those who didn’t agree with them, that is if they didn’t execute them ( Rodger Williams).

The Puritans knew they were right even if the facts proved the wrong. These people are with us today, they are always right, so don’t confuse them with facts. They a willing to do anything they can to make the rest of us believe their way.

Enter Sen. Mark Miloscia who in a very self righteous manner would have the entire state believe what he believes. If we don’t believes as he believes, then we are plain evil. It don’t matter how many people get hurt or just how wrong he is, in his own mind he must be right. (Don’t Confuse Me With Facts My Mind Is Made Up, And after all I’m always right because God told me so.)