Letters to the Editor

Housing options not available for seniors

Many elders in our community are being priced out of market-rate apartments and there are not enough low-income apartments or housing vouchers to meet the growing need. Nearly daily at Senior Services we are asked for help finding a place affordable to live for one of our seniors. For people who worked hard all their lives but didn’t have the opportunity to work for a company that provided a pension, many are trying to survive on social security. Recent increases in rent, especially in the urban core, have made one-bedroom rentals unaffordable. Yet the urban core is where seniors need to be if they are dependent on transit and local service providers for transportation and support.

The Missing Middle project would give more options for seniors looking for small, affordable rentals. It would also give neighborhoods the gift of having elders present, available during the day while most neighbors are at work, and able to be another generational voice for us all.

(McKenzieSullivan is the Executive Director of Senior Services for South Sound)