Letters to the Editor

Housing market alternatives need to be opened

The headline on the Olympia City Council meeting notice for May 8 read, “Special City Council Meeting to Discuss Homelessness and Housing Affordability.” The economic impact of decisions made by one community does not stop at the city boundary. This efforts needs to be countywide. Every jurisdiction should have all of their elected officials at the table.

I am not fond of making my private life public, but I know there are a lot of others in a similar situation.

Last year my wife and I moved because of a large rent increase. Now this year we will see a smaller rent increase of just 15 percent. Being disabled and on a fixed income was not in our plans, but that is the way life worked out. From what I see and hear, there are many others in the same situation.

The taxes we pay go to promote these expensive policies that deprive us of a choice in the marketplace, contribute to poverty, transfer wealth from a younger generation to an older one, and contribute to homelessness.

The housing market has been closed to many alternatives and it needs to be opened. History has shown us that open markets benefit people from all walks of life. Having more choices when it comes to shelter would be a benefit.