Letters to the Editor

Rick Larsen hates students

The dirtiest trick ever played on students and their families by the Swamp was stripping bankruptcy rights away from student loans. This constitutional right was removed, and then the banks began demanding that parents cosign the loans, putting their nest eggs under great threat. This has wrecked many families and threatens many more.

Ten years ago, Rick Larsen had a chance to correct this by voting for a bill that would have undone this trick. Instead, Rick sided with the banks, and voted to kill the bill!

The problem has become far, far worse, thanks to Rick. Today we owe over $1.6 trillion in student loans, and many families in his district are being wrecked by this predatory monstrosity that he helped unleash, and he is refusing to cosponsor a bill, HR 2366, that will return borrowing rights to these loans.

Shame on Rick Larsen. He sides with the banks as they wreck our lives.