Letters to the Editor

Are we losing our moral leadership?

Now that immigration authorities have resorted to ripping traumatized children from their mothers, it begs a fundamental moral question of American values and basic human rights. Even European countries that are struggling with a tidal wave of North African refugees do not stoop to this kind of tactics.

As a first-generation American, I took the oath of citizenship over 40 years ago. It was an exhilarating and uplifting moment, filled with ideals of pledging allegiance to a country that affirmed, among other things, “individual rights and pursuit of happiness”. Sadly, in recent times, we have sunk to a daily tirade of hatred and lies.

Having recently read the biographies of Adams, Lincoln and Roosevelt, I can honestly say that today we are a far cry from the original vision of the United States, a country born with high ideals, that adopted a constitution based on limitation of powers, and set a standard for the world to follow. Instead of being the moral leader of the world, we are fast becoming a banana republic, surrounded by a moat. Is this how we make America great again?