Letters to the Editor

Accuracy is needed for honest discussions

I appreciate Mr. Bert Mullen’s passions expressed in his letter to the editor published June 6, 2018. I too am a patriotic American who loves this country and hates to see what’s happening to it.

In this increasingly divided and partisan world, I have committed myself to finding common ground and working toward understanding other positions and having honest, meaningful discussions. This cannot be done when highly inaccurate statements are published which is why is why I feel compelled to respond to Mr. Mullen’s claims.

1) All major news sources have acknowledged that Mr. Trumps comment about “immigrants are animals” was highly edited and taken completely out of context. He was referring to MS-13 gang members illegally crossing the border as “animals”, which should insult most animals!

2) When families cross the border illegally and are caught, parents are held in adult detention centers and Federal law prohibits children from being held in an adult detention center. This has been in effect for years, but is being promoted as a new policy inflicted my Mr. Trump. That is simply not true.

3) According to the New York Times, the 1,500 “missing” children are the lucky ones (Google it). A consent decree signed in 1997 and a law passed by congress in 2008, gives children in Office of Refugee Resettlement custody, special legal protections, including the right to be promptly released and placed with a safe adult sponsor.

To have meaningful, honest discussions, we must be honest with each other.