Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for March 12

Protesters and liberals lost the Vietnam War

I continue to see references in letters by liberals of how we lost the Vietnam War. Well we did, but let me remind you of how it was lost.

Ho Chi Minh said during the Vietnam War that he would not defeat America on the battlefield, but on the streets of America through the actions of the protesters. Actually what happened was the Democratic Congress gave South Vietnam over to the communists.

Nixon's policy of Vietnamization worked! The South Vietnamese military was in control of their country in 1973, but they needed our continued logistical support. Because of the liberals' extreme hatred of President Nixon, Congress pulled the funding and support of South Vietnam and it soon fell with the resulting bloodbath throughout Southeast Asia.

The same is happening today. Because of the hatred of President Bush, the liberals actually want failure in Iraq. It would certainly put them in a nice position in '08, and that is their main concern - control, power and greed.

Shame on you liberals for causing a divided front to the Islamic terrorists. The communists would have given up and gone home in Vietnam had it not been for the liberal protesters and the likes of Jane "Hanoi" Fonda. The same encouragement to the enemy is being seen today by liberals. Don't say you support the troops by your protests. You prolong the conflict. I know I was a troop in South Vietnam.

Paul Ritter, Tumwater

Clear case was made for impeachment

A full house at The Washington Center on Feb. 20th heard three eloquent speakers make the case for the impeachment of George Bush. Similar events are occurring around the country, and a number of state legislators will propose legislation that encourages the U.S. House of Representatives to impeach the president.

However, a number of Democratic leaders are trying to suppress this grassroots movement because they say it is not politically expedient.

In the mid-1980s, the Democrats held solid majorities in both the House and Senate and refused to impeach both Ronald Reagan and George Bush (the elder) for obstruction of justice in spite of compelling evidence that they were engaged in a coverup of illegal activities associated with the Iran-Contra arms sales, drug smuggling and funding of Contra terrorists in Nicaragua.

By failing to act with courage in 1986, the Democrats sent a signal to the current cabal of neo-cons that the Democratic Party would not defend the Constitution against law breaking by the White House. Our nation and our troops are paying the price now for their failure to bring Reagan to justice.

The speakers at The Washington Center made a clear case for impeaching the president. The man is a criminal, and his policies are destroying our nation. The big question is whether the Democrats will have the courage to defend the Constitution by bringing Bush to justice, or will they fail us again and give the green light to future neo-con men.

Greg Starling, Olympia

Fear of communists lead to changes in the pledge

Reference is made to the recent letter from Hanna Palo regarding the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892 by Francis Bellamy and approved by Congress in 1942. The original pledge was: "I pledge allegiance to my flag and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

In 1923/1924, the American Legion and the Daughters of the American Revolution changed the words "my flag" to "the Flag of the United States of America."

In 1954, the Knights of Columbus, responding to the emergence of godless communists and the hysteria of McCarthyism, lobbied Congress and the words "under God" were added.

The Pledge of Allegiance, without the phrase "under God" lasted 62 years. It has been a mere 53 years since the phrase "under God" was added.

John Gray, Olympia

Children can make astute observations

My daughter came home from school one day and made the most obvious statement.

She said "They changed the name of Cookie Monster to Veggie Monster. They teach us nutrition in health class. Then, at lunch, they feed us the cheapest, most un-nutritious food. What lesson are we supposed to learn from that?"

John Kingsbury, Olympia

Drivers told to keep buses warm

On Feb. 11, Panorama City transported 103 active residents in four buses to the Olympia Symphony at The Washington Center for the Performing Arts. Our drivers did their best to minimize their impact on the immediate surroundings upon arrival at the center. It was impossible to be unnoticed; four buses are a presence. We apologize for any disturbance it caused.

The Panorama drivers are instructed to be available to their passengers for reboarding 15 minutes prior to the event's scheduled end. Our drivers turn off their engines if they know they will be waiting extended periods of time. If they are anticipating the conclusion of the program, they will keep their engines running in order to keep the buses warm. That Sunday evening, if you recall, was quite cold, and it is important to us that our seniors are warm! Our transportation program includes providing both safe and warm vehicles for our community members.

Panorama is certainly environmentally aware. To help minimize fumes and air pollution, Panorama began using biodiesel fuel more than two years ago. By providing mass transportation to our group of active seniors, I estimate we removed a minimum of 50 to 60 private emission-producing vehicles from the roads and parking lots in downtown that evening.

At Panorama, we believe that our elders deserve an active and enjoyable quality of life.

Veronica Kessler, activities director, Panorama City

Tunnel safer than an above ground structure

Having spent my entire working career as an engineer building tunnels in heavy construction, I need to explain to our governor and some of her transportation engineers about building tunnels.

When it comes to the most safe structure, the tunnel beats the above-ground unit hands down. The cost of the above-ground structure engineered to meet earthquake resistance would be phenomenal. The estimators designing that above-ground structure are off their mark if they have not compared the costs of these two side-by-side including the safety factor to the public using them.

The tunnel will be much more safe than any structure you can build above ground.

To settle the argument, the mayor of Seattle is correct in pushing for the tunnel. I believe he has the safety of the people in mind, where the governor and her transportation engineers are only interested in the cheapest way to do the job.

Bernard (Bw) Jesse, Olympia

Must not let elk die slow, miserable death

I write in regard to Stacy Jones blasting Bryan Taylor's letter in which he said hunting is the most humane way of down-sizing the Mount St. Helen's elk herd. Jones has missed a few important facts.

Hunting with our bare hands is absurd in comparison to hunting by bow, black powder or modern firearms. Hunting can be fun, educational and very spiritual, and no one can take that away from me. The meat is high in protein, low in cholesterol and chemical free. Hunting gives me a chance to put meat on the table, enjoy the outdoors and fresh air, and get exercise.

Jones' letter said hunters are cowards hiding behind big-bad guns. Taylor's letter was addressing the most humane way of solving the over-population of Mount St. Helen's elk herd.

It would be immoral to stand by and just let these animals die a slow and miserable death by starvation.

Gary R. Jackson, East Olympia