Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for May. 20

War takes food out of the mouths of the hungry

This is in response to the recent letter regarding Democrats' willingness to accept defeat.

First off, we do have the strongest military in the world. Our military budget is larger than that of the next 14 biggest spenders combined and more than two-thirds of the entire world's military spending. The cost comes directly out of our ability to feed our citizens (over 11 percent of our Washington population does not have access to adequate levels of food), educate our children, provide health care (over 18 percent of non-elderly Americans are uninsured) and protect our environment. But why should we worry about all this since we are just charging these costs to be paid by our children and their children.

Democrats are realists and have finally seen that an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation based on lies and deceit has done nothing but kill and maim thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. The Democrats have also seen that waging war in Iraq has increased our vulnerability not lessened it as it has drastically increased the number of terrorists willing to sacrifice their lives to kill Americans.

We have lost way too many lives, our economic stability, our moral standing in the world and our allies. Let us not continue this senseless killing in order to keep face. The price is much too high and why exactly are we continuing to fight? What are we seeking to win? It has to be more than saving face.

Laurie Davis, Olympia

TJ Johnson believes he is above the rules

When someone fills out a registration form for the Procession of the Species, three rules are clearly stated directly above the person's signature:

No words or symbols.

No motorized vehicles.

No live animals.

It's simple. I don't know the woman who brought dogs, nor the man carrying a war protest sign, however I recognized TJ Johnson, who felt he is above these rules. His group, mostly children, were dressed as doves bearing T-shirts with their logos, which are prohibited by these rules.

When Rachel Corrie created doves at the procession studio years ago, there was discussion about whether they were "peace" doves. She decided they wouldn't hold olive branches in their mouths because it would seem like a political statement.

She understood the procession tenets, the first of which is: Use our energies to create a long-term cultural exchange rather than a short-term entertainment event or political protest. Johnson signed a form for that group agreeing to comply with the rules. It is the epitome of arrogance to flagrantly defy them? It gives new meaning to the words "We are what we see."

He owes Earthbound Productions an apology. The saddest part is that he employed children to make his statement for him! What a bad example he sets for our youth and the community he is supposed to be serving!

Nicole Mercier, Olympia

Oil companies want to see how much we'll pay

I would encourage everyone to look at the oil company's earning reports - billions of dollars and this has grown each year with the increased cost of gasoline each year.

We pay more each spring and summer so that the oil companies can test to see how much we will pay. Then they keep telling us through experts that it's necessary because - add your own reason.

The experts can give us a multitude of reasons why, but it all boils down to money in the pockets of the oil companies and their stockholders. When is it going to be enough?

Remember what the rich guy said when he was asked how much is enough - "Just one more dollar!"

Vern Andrews, Lacey

War will result in more lost lives, wasted money

Those un-American liberals that want to save lives and what is left of our armies of occupations want to quit this wonderful war.

It's just too much to understand.

Here we are only 312 more surges to go and oh, maybe, another 8,000 or 10,000 American lives lost and those crippled and maimed for life. That will be so many, we just won't bother to count those.

Maybe another eight or 10 years of occupation and another $100 trillion or so to completely destroy Iraq and its people.

It's just beyond comprehension why this is not being supported by all of the American people and the rest of the world.

Maybe you Bushies can explain it where I can understand it. Please try.

Bob Rumsey, Rainier