Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for July 12

Parade was filled with motorized vehicles

I must say I was quite appalled at the Tumwater Fourth of July parade.

The parade has become nothing more than a display of motor vehicles.

It seemed very ironic that while our young military men and women are out risking their lives and dying for oil that a small town "Independence" day parade was busy consuming the commodity. What happened to parades with bands, clowns, bicycles, and marching opportunities for our youth and community - not advertisers? Have we really forgotten how to walk in a parade? Princesses on a float is one thing, but public service officials and advertisers in motor vehicles is another.

Sadly, I am sure that Tumwater is no different from any other town in America, thus it is likely that every Fourth of July parade in America was also "motor" driven. Maybe it is time we rethink what "Independence" really means.

Alyson Kohl, Olympia

Olympia and Tumwater should ban fireworks

I have always loved the Fourth of July. I grew up in a small town that made a four-day affair out of it complete with parades, pancake breakfasts, church ice-cream socials, and, of course, the big display of fireworks at the golf course.

However, since moving to Olympia I have begun to dread and loathe the holiday. Why? Because of the fireworks. Now I'm not talking about the lovely professional display put on over the Tumwater golf course. After all, what would be the 4th of July without a fireworks display? It is the fact that every Tom, Dick, and Harry is allowed to fire off any old banger or rocket on my street that makes me feel besieged in my own house.

Now part of this distaste comes from the fact that I am both mother of a small child who wakes up screaming and owner of a small dog who spends the evening panting fearfully and barking. My distaste for this amateur display is not widely shared. Nevertheless, I feel compelled to voice my minority opinion over the bangs and whistles that would otherwise drown it out. Please, please, please Olympia and Tumwater follow Lacey's example and ban fireworks. They are a fire hazard, a nuisance and create bad feeling between neighbors. Put an end to this torture that is our current Independence Day holiday. Not knowing when the next bang is going to come makes one sleepless and haggard and dreaming of fleeing the explosions.

Emily Saunders, Olympia

Religious prejudice isn't only foe of homosexuality

Reference is made to an earlier Olympian regarding the assertion that the only reasoning behind the Conservative Christians regarding same sex marriage and the homosexual lifestyle is from what the writer describes as religious prejudice.

The historical presence of these behaviors only validates their presence and nothing else. The Christians referred to could be looking to the Bible for TRUTH. To them repetitions of these TRUTHS influence one's lifestyle by sharpening one's conscience so that wise choices might be made more frequently.

The areas of learning based on the scientific basis for learned behavior should also be considered in how behaviors evolve. Frequency increase of behaviors often affects our attitudes and choices. One only has to read and hear via the media the increasing frequency of serious crimes that generally start from lesser inappropriate behaviors.

Could it be that homosexual proclivities also evolved into choices which gave impetus to the homosexual lifestyle? Does this not support the assertion that the homosexual's lifestyle derives largely from learned behaviors? If this is not learned behavior then why have so many unlearned this orientation and began to live differently?

Basic learning theory, therefore, should be taken seriously and appears to be a valid argument against this orientation. It further suggests that religious prejudice is not the only basis for being opposed to the homosexual lifestyle.

Ken Nordlund, Olympia