Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor - Sept. 6, 2007

Just make Olympia a gated community

I take offense at Trudy Springer's negative attitude toward military communities. I will tackle Tillicum because that is where our family has run a restaurant since 1952 - proudly serving the military - and the current owner is not a "warhawk."

I invite Springer to work at our place for two weeks so that she could really see what the soldiers are all about - transients as they are. Not transient by choice, they are sent to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan, Korea, the Philippines, Germany, Malaysia and on and on. And, oh yes, even their lives are transient (as in short-lived) and we mourn them.

I would like Springer to see the peaceful sanctuary our soldiers have at our family restaurant.

Business is booming? Not with our troops overseas.

Moreover, I need to point out that the crime rate in Tillicum is at an all-time low thanks to a dedicated police force and neighborhood cooperation.

What about the tattoo parlors, bars, pawnshops and car lots in Olympia? Seems I've seen a few - but perhaps they are higher class than you would find in a military community?

By the by, in an effort to keep Olympia free of military influence, I've posted Springer's letter where all our troops can read it.

Let's cut to the quick and just make Olympia a gated community. That way Olympia can keep all the transient military riffraff out of their sanctuary.

However, they are welcome to our sanctuary any time.

Susan Rothwell, Lacey

Tax proposal focuses on prevention

Thurston County voters in November will decide whether to make a bold long-term investment in our community's quality of life through approval of a 3/10th percent increase in the local sales and use tax, with all revenue by law directed toward criminal deterrence and early prevention and intervention programs. Pursuant to an agreement between county and city governments, choices of specific evidence-based programs will be made by a board of accountable elected officials, who will also oversee resource allocation, cost-effective administration, evaluation and public reviews every five years.

This well-conceived proposal was drafted by a broad-based group of social service, education, business and elected leaders who recognized the immense strain criminal behavior places on county and city general fund budgets while exacting and incredible toll on human capital. They recognized a set of complex factors - often traceable to early childhood - not only send many people down the criminal path, but also are passed in an almost unbroken cycle from one generation to another.

The committee proposed focusing new resources from the sale tax in four areas: (1) improving school readiness; (2) strengthening families to prevent abuse and neglect; (3) preventing juvenile delinquency and reducing repeat offenses; and (4) promoting public safety by reducing repeat adult offenses while holding individuals accountable for their actions.

The proposal envisions a healthier, safer community where prevention of crime provides a productive alternative to mere reliance on incarceration of those who have already gone astray. Makes good sense to me!

Dick Nichols, Tumwater

Michael Vick should not play football again

Michael Vick has admitted to being the bankroll and participant in one of the most hideous situations imaginable. This is not a case of, boys will be boys. With terrible malice aforethought this football giant, is guilty of gut-churning atrocities against caged and helpless animals. Drowning, electrocution, hanging, and shooting the dogs that "under-performed during trials," were the methods of choice to rid himself of the maimed and crippled.

Apparently, this situation is not new: reportedly the man built Bad Newz Kennels when he was a 20-year-old, newly coined star of the NFL. He is now a 27-year-old multimillionaire quarterback with the Falcons. That is until the day he was suspended indefinitely.

What does that mean? Everyone is still hedging their bets on this once gifted and well-respected football star. Excuse me. He should NEVER be allowed to play pro football again. He murdered his own career, just as he murdered those animals. There is no room for Michael Vick on any starting lineup with the NFL, AFL or any other pro team. Going to prison is just where he belongs.

Finally, this man needs some serious soul-searching. He has shamed himself, his family, his team, his fans, the legitimate sport of football and his friends. He is a coward who blames, "bad influences," for his own rotted manhood. He did this. No one twisted his arm.

Anne V. Norskog, Lacey