Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor - Sept. 14, 2007

United States created bloodbath

U.S. Rep. Brian Baird asks "What happens to you and me morally if we withdraw (from Iraq) and there is wholesale slaughter?"

This is either historical naivete or a cynical Democrat attempt to put a new spin on Bush's war in Iraq.

Bipartisan U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East has visited a 60-year bloodbath on the people of the region for the sole purpose of controlling the oil above which they try to live. The CIA has overthrown democratically elected leaders, and installed megalomaniacs like Saddam Hussein and the Shah of Iran.

The U.S. government looked the other way when Saddam gassed the Kurds, and murdered hundreds of thousands so the oil profits could keep flowing.

Baird is afraid of a "Shiite theocracy that forces progressive, independent women into burkas" forgetting that Democrat and Republican administrations alike have showered modern weapons and political cover on a dictatorship in Saudi Arabia with a Sunni theocracy that's been doing exactly that for 100 years.

As most of the world recognizes, there is no viable Iraqi government for U.S. troops to hand off to even if some kind of illusory order was ever established by the too few troops available.

I would re-phrase Baird's moral question: How can we ask our troops to continue to give their lives, and our grandchildren to shoulder the heavy financial, environmental, and social burden so that our corporations can continue to control the oil? The 60-year bloodbath can only stop if we leave.

Greg Starling, Olympia

Republicans have their priorities wrong

So here is my assessment: Invading a sovereign nation on false pretenses, sending young men and women to die in a desert for a lie, being responsible for the deaths of between tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, destabilizing the Middle East, being responsible for circumstances leading to another arms race with Russia and Iran, as well as a possible second cold war - these are not actions that are considered infractions according to the GOP.

Now, being arrested for a misdemeanor by soliciting an undercover cop, ostensibly for sexual purposes, in a public restroom at an international airport in Minnesota is considered by official GOP spokespeople as "unforgivable."

People expressing such specious appraisals are criminally deluded and pathological.

Isaac J. Zito, Olympia

Hate for President Bush is over the top

I think I have read your paper for the last time. Your hate for your president is so overwhelming that it has blinded you to all sense of reasonable and responsible reporting. To call your president a lying arrogant president goes over the top and to assume all America agrees with you shows just how far out of touch you have gone.

You must hand pick your editors to be just as bias as you are (whoever you are). It is hard to believe that you hate America so much and that you will not admit that progress is being made in Iraq.

Oh, how the terrorists must enjoy reading your paper. You are falling into his trap and don't even know it. It seems that you do not want this war to go well. Even without the stupid editorial, your hatred shows by the many ways you criticize the president. God only knows where you dig them up, and who knows whether they have any creditability or not.

Go on Olympian, show your hate to the people long enough and you will disappear from the community.

Don Brown, Olympia

Mah finds solutions to difficult problems

I support city councilman Doug Mah for mayor.

I have lived in Olympia for more than 25 years. The positive changes in that time have all been the result of the efforts of people who were willing to give up time and energy to improve our city. Imagine Olympia without the Farmers Market, Heritage Park, the fountain, Percival Landing, etc. Our community needs people who will step up and be of service.

Unfortunately, as our politics have become more personal and bitter, the personal costs of public service have increased. It is easy to be critical, to tear down, and to obstruct. It takes patience and time to build. We need public servants who are positive, optimistic and committed to improving our community.

I have known Mah on both the personal and professional level for two decades. I support Mah because I respect his intelligence, honesty, integrity and commitment to the city of Olympia. In his six years on the City Council, Mah has worked tirelessly to improve our city. He has tackled some tough issues. He is open to opposing viewpoints. He comes to meetings informed and prepared. He listens respectfully to other council members and citizens regardless of their position.

Mah has consistently sought reasonable solutions to difficult problems. He would rather solve problems behind the scenes than seek out publicity and opportunities to further divide the community.

I strongly support Doug Mah for mayor.

John Steiger, Olympia

Mah helped guide BHR growth

A letter writer was not able to identify any of the several civic activities in which Doug Mah has been involved.

He was a board member for Behavioral Health Resources until very recently. He volunteered his time and expertise to provide vision and guidance to a nonprofit organization providing comprehensive mental health and substance abuse services to low income and disabled in the Thurston, Mason and Grays Harbor counties.

This organization has grown very quickly and Mah has provided insight into how to manage that growth effectively. I would consider this community service at its finest.

Beverly A. Masini, Olympia

Williams is out for publicity

I'm writing in response to an article entitled "Williams tries to energize boycott." So now if your opinion doesn't match that of Rep. Williams, then you are being labeled as a hate group?

As a supporter of Kevin Stormans' right to his own moral opinion, I am offended by Williams statement! I guess I really shouldn't be offended because whether it's foie gras or plan B, Williams is really only after the attention. We have our own local, white, version of Jesse Jackson!

I'm sure that you could go to any pharmacy anywhere and they wouldn't carry every drug available! There are plenty of other pharmacies in the area that carry the plan B drug. As for me and mine, we will continue to shop at Bayview Market and Ralph's Thriftway and support this upstanding businessman's moral opinion, something that I find sadly lacking in Rep. Williams!

Barry Douglas, Olympia

Hemp Fest is worse than Lakefair

I'd like to thank Olympia for hosting Hemp Fest - for absolutely no other reason than it answers the question: Could anything be worse than Lakefair?

I speak from the deep personal pain of living up the street from both tragic events, and I can appreciate the musical stylings of Megadeth on a Sunday evening about as much as five nights of pulse-pounding family fun the third week of July. Perhaps the Capitalarians would argue the point, but I suspect they don't visit the lake past 8 o'clock at night.

Here's a possible solution for a number of issues gripping our hamlet:

Send Lakefair to downtown Lacey so that scientists will have proof of its location. Is it the little girl/kite statue next to Skippers or the intersection of Happy Teriyaki and Cut Rate Auto Parts? Its relocation serves to protect the multimillion-dollar blades of grass paid for by citizens and reimbursed by no one.

It also puts to rest the sectarian violence that has erupted over the blocked Navy ship, which, by the way, smells ironically like the sort of polarization the Bush administration has sent to quell with, well, more violence.

As to Hemp Fest, maybe the owners of Ralph's Thriftway can take that on instead of Plan B, and the whole community can live as one.

Grier Jewell, Olympia