Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor for April. 26

State lawmakers’ tax strategy is obvious

The most effective ways to get voters to approve tax increases are:

1. Put a large figure for the deficit out there – one that astounds the voters. Always use billions in the figure over millions.

2. Cut the programs and services that are most needed by the population. School funding, programs for the elderly and disabled persons services are very important for cuts because this results in the most vocal outcry.

3. Make the public feel unprotected by cutting funding for police services, firemen, child protection, and medical services.

4. Continue the nickel-and-dime method of gaining the taxpayer dollar. Raise service fees (don’t need voter approval to do this) include: licensing (determine new businesses to require licenses), vehicle registration add-ons, park use fees, building permits, excise taxes, etc.

5. Begin talk about instituting a state income tax. The voters will most likely increase existing taxes rather than vote in an income tax.

6. Do not allow sympathy or empathy to enter any discussion or debate on effects of tax or fee increase on voters. Show no concern (or disguise it) for the stress the population is enduring. Hold public meetings to help discourage the public even more.

Vern Andrews


What is wrong with this picture?

Why are we suppose to jump up and down with excitement when our cities get federal stimulus money?

It’s first-come, first-served, right? They have to build these project with stimulus dollars, then have to raise taxes to maintain them when the stimulus money runs out!

Does this make sense?

Our children’s grandchildren will be paying for this!

Joel Brincken


Local criminal element gets no free pass

I feel it is my civic duty to reassure my local criminal element that the “hot lead enema” that Sen. Tim Sheldon, D-Shelton, speaks of is readily available here in Thurston County as well.

Given the cutbacks in local law enforcement, I encourage responsible citizens to take advantage of the “no bag limit” Sheldon speaks of and participate in this open season whenever the constabulary is unable to do so.

Dean Gregory


Consumers aren’t getting quality appraisals

A lawsuit brought by National Association of Mortgage Brokers was withdrawn. The reason? The Federal Housing Finance Agency is saying that laws don’t matter when it comes to Fannie and Freddie as they are in conservatorship.

They are a public trust! How does this happen in America? Bank-owned appraisal management companies are acting outside of the law with impunity. Extortion by authority is going on in our state and nationwide with the blessings of the government!

Management companies are decimating the independent appraisal industry. They effect price-fixing to keep up to 50 percent of the appraisers’ fees and are forcing good appraisers to leave for more livable wages. Only the least experienced appraisers are valuing homes now as money is the main priority and not quality control. Consumers are led to believe that the $450 appraisal fee they pay is going to the best appraiser. Would they be shocked to know that the appraiser is really getting half of that? They’re not getting their money’s worth in experience and quality? Would they feel ripped off?

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has stakes in these companies. Anyone can see this is corruption and cronyism, yet no one is doing anything. Now we all have to pay for this cover-up?

Money made in Washington state should stay here and not end up in the mortgage companies’ pockets.

Should we, the consumer, care? Yes, it matters.

Ed Connor


Republican Party is still working hard

I keep hearing that the Republican Party is dead.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

This party is very much alive and working hard for the people of this great state.

The chairman of the Thurston County Republican Party, Scott Roberts asks, “Are we (Republicans) bringing forward the spirit of the Constitution? Are we upholding the ideals of self-reliance, limited, responsible government and the protection of individual and inalienable rights?”

This clearly shows the mindset of the new leadership of this party. This is Republican ideology that I know and have respect for.

That is what it means to be Republican. These are the ideals that have stood the test of time. We are not dead.

Jamie Bariekman