Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for April 29

In bad times people follow voice of hysteria

We have a Legislature and governor more worried about being reelected than making our education, the health and well being of our state and its citizens, and the safety of our communities a priority.

And why?

Because no one has the guts to say we need to raise revenue. Instead they suspend the education initiatives passed by the voters but do not do the same with the Eyman initiatives that would allow the state and communities to raise more revenue.

Then the citizens of our state and country decided to stage what they call a second Boston Tea Party by following the ranting and ravings of a quasi corporate news network called Fox. They protested against tax hikes, the bailouts, and what they say is the socialist agenda of the Obama administration.

Let’s see, the only tax hikes are going to the rich. So, they protested against hikes for the rich. And weren’t the bailouts created by the Bush administration, not Obama? You know, the one who created this mess with unregulated financial institutions, and then did the same with no strings attached money going to the same institutions.

Then there’s socialism. I guess these protesters are against Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security among other things.

It just goes to show you, when times are bad people will follow the voice of hysteria even when it comes from a corporation like Fox News. Don’t most people say cooperate greed and deceit is what we should be working against. Such irony.

Ernest Malick

America will resist progressive values

Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel economist, professor at Columbia University and Obama supporter, recently described the Obama bailout as a win-win-lose proposition. The banks and investors win, the taxpayers lose. He also noted that the temporary nationalization of the banks is ersatz capitalism, the privatizing of gains and the socializing of losses. It is a partnership in which one partner robs the other.

This and the continuing move to enslave states and private business through the use of stimulus money is why the recent tea parties took place and will continue to take place around the country. It was humorous to watch the media report on several of the gatherings. One CNN reporter screamed at a participant because his answer did not fit her preconceived notion. Others claimed that children were forced to carry signs and MSNBC hosts made crude references to homosexual practices.

The left cannot stand it when people, with different values, gather peacefully and raise their voices. Compare the recent tea parties to left wing rallies — no broken windows, no overturned cars, no arrests.

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-NY, recently stated that the era of traditional values is over. It is time for the United States to move in a different direction. I really don’t think that the majority of Americans are ready to make the move to so-called progressive values.

Obama wants to put our nation on a new foundation. I and millions like me will stick with the Constitution as our foundation, thank you very much.

Jarid Squires

Volcanoes belch a ton of mercury

I recently read that the Centralia coal-fired steam plant was estimated to put out an estimated one to three pounds of mercury pollution a day. This might seem to be a serious problem to me, if I didn’t know how much heavy metal is discharged from volcanoes and other naturally occurring sources.

Mount St. Helens was discharging about 2,200 pounds of mercury each day during its active phase.

Presently, the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii discharges approximately 1,500 pounds of mercury per day.

Volcanoes worldwide discharge every element known to man in massive quantities. The wind and water spread these elements and chemicals throughout the environment. Toxic or not, these materials are naturally occurring part of the environment. It intrigues me that everyone seems so focused on mercury when the amount of uranium and thorium (both are radioactive) are eight to 24 times more abundant in the earth’s crust than mercury. There are at least 20 known occurrences of uranium in Washington state alone.

In the 1970s, environmentalists decided to take the lead out of gasoline and require cars to be equipped with catalytic coverters. We were promised that these extremely powerful catalysts would stay in the ceramic matrix of the converter. It wasn’t true. Now these materials are spread throughout the environment capable of causing abnormal chemical reactions to occur including mutations.

They took phosphates out of detergents and put in man-made alkyl-benzene sulfonates. It is estimated that one in three people have some form of asthma. Think about it.

Patrick M. Crawford