Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for May 5

A question about Obama’s background

I just learned from an organization called the United States Justice Foundation that President Obama was born in Kenya. There appears to be ample proof of that fact and the president will not release birth certificate documents that can be certified as authentic.

Allegedly there is a taped telephone conversation with Obama’s step-grandmother in Kenya who claims she was present at his birth – in what is now called Kenya.

Rumors have been circulating for months that Obama was not born in Hawaii as he claimed, but was actually born in what is now Kenya. Naturally none of the media has said or written a word about this. Why?

Obama is not legally the president of the United States. That means every action taken by him while he occupies the White House may be illegal.

Why hasn’t Congress looked into this? It loves witch hunts.

If Obama resigned or was forced out of office, Joe Biden would be president. That would be horrible.



Lacey Fire District union in the wrong

What’s going on in Lacey Fire District 3? Who’s running the district? The firefighters’ union wants to get into management issues with the City of Lacey.

Kelly Perry, union president, had a chance a year ago to take a no-confidence vote in Chief Jim Broman and he backed away. Was it the unwarranted pay increase firefighters received that clouded their judgment?

By not taking action, 40 firefighters will be laid off, and the district will be cut in half. They might also lose their pay increases, because the district will not be large enough to support these salaries.

The union is playing the same old blame game as Broman was doing. Blame the City of Lacey for everything! Perry is too late. The city has made the right decision to create its own Fire Department. The union should not be in the middle of this battle. It’s between Broman and the city.

What is the union trying to do? Fight Broman’s battles for him? He made a very big mistake by being arrogant to the city and now the union seems to be doing the same thing. Why?

Get it? The management has to change. The union needs to make drastic changes and focus on keeping what is left of the fire district.

The union’s actions have torpedoed any chance of its members being hired by the new Fire Department. Stupidity certainly runs deep at Fire District 3.



County leaders don’t get enough respect

When did Thurston County start believing that management should take the brunt of our economic frustrations?

In most cases, these are people who worked hard and put in an enormous amount of hours and personal sacrifice to reach the positions they are in. They did the job, did it well and never forgot where they came from.

Unfortunately, a common theme in and around the country is “Don’t lay off the people who do the real job, but those that manage.” Thurston County commissioners appear to have taken this same view.

I have no doubt that my position may not be popular with many because I believe that this is a countrywide problem, and as such the burden should fall equally upon everyone.

Consider the following:

Should we mentor our staff/employees or raise our children to be successful, but not too successful? Work hard, but decline any opportunities to promote? Should they be concerned and/or hesitant to accept the established and commission-approved salaries for fear of being reorganized, restructured, demoted or having their salary reduced at a later point?

County managers are not Fortune 500 executives who receive million dollar bonuses and travel the world in private jets. They are hard-working and dedicated people who for many years have gone to work every day in service of others, and who share the same economic fears. Unfortunately, they appear to have become easy prey for those looking for easy solutions or for those trying to deflect responsibility.


Thurston County Sheriff's Office

Do cops write tickets for the revenue?

Recently it was reported that a driver struck another car, causing it to hit a pedestrian.

Wow. Can you imagine injuring a pedestrian? It’s the stuff of nightmares.

The driver was cited with driving at a “speed too fast for conditions.”

I know nothing about the specifics of this accident, but I wonder if the fine has induced the driver to regret the injuries to the pedestrian, or will remind her not to mistake the accelerator for the brake pedal the next time she is in similar circumstances. And I wonder if these thoughts never would have occurred without the citation.

Last winter I skidded on black ice and totaled my car. I caused no other damage. I was similarly cited, though I had been driving the speed limit.

It seems to me that citing accident victims for “speed too fast for conditions” is an often-inappropriate, nebulous, catch-all citation designed to justify the attendance of the police or to generate revenue from people already in a terrible situation. Accidents happen.

Responsibility is not the same as culpability.