Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for May 6

Let’s see photos of Iraqi abuses, too

So the Congress and American Civil Liberties Union plan to release pictures of what they consider abuse of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If this is the same Congress that wishes to revive the Fairness Doctrine and really believes in fairness, it should consider this: Publish 44 pictures of abuses by Saddam Hussein, al-Qaida and a few others.

Let America see Daniel Pearle before and after.

Let America see, alongside prisoner abuse, pictures of American contractors being beheaded in Iraq.

Let America see Muslim women after being stoned to death for going to school.

Let America see gassed Kurds in northern Iraq.

Let America see the plastic clipper that Saddam would slowly lower political prisoners into.

Let America see the pictures of American soldiers kidnapped in Iraq that were asphyxiated.

While Congress is determined to show America abuses of our government, it should allow a few still photographs of the partial birth abortions performed in any American city.

If Congress and the ACLU are not willing to show America both sides of the news, and the media will only show one side, then it is merely propaganda with a specific agenda. The old Pravda doesn’t hold a candle to our new United States Congress.

Our government and the media are not supposed to suppress the other side of the story. Show us both sides so we can make an informed opinion – and not herded like sheep.

Gary B. Mattix, Olympia

Waterboarding results in false information

The waterboarding apologists are having hysterical fits over being outed as supporting torture.

They ask we suspend disbelief that this horrendous practice, banned by the Geneva Convention, actually works.

Professionally trained and experienced interrogators have clearly stated this practice does not work, does not produce credible evidence/information, and results in false information.

The elected apologists are clamoring to “forgive and forget” again, just like the Nixon crowd who breathed a sigh of relief when he was pardoned.

The American people can deal with the ugly truth, for it is not the people who have something to lose.

Rather, it is the clowns who posture as patriots, dragging our country down in the eyes of the world, and who led our ship of state onto the rocks of immorality again, that fear losing to the truth.


Republicans have put this nation in debt

Can we salvage the U.S. economy after Bush almost bankrupted us?

Republicans have created nearly all of our debt. When Reagan took office in 2001 our national debt, after 204 years as a nation, including the Great Depression and nine wars, was about $0.9 trillion.

When Reagan and Daddy Bush left after 12 years, we owed about $4.2 trillion, after cutting taxes for the rich and massive military spending.

When G.W. Bush took office in early 2001, we owed about $5.7 trillion.

When we finally got rid of Bush we owed about $10.7 trillion. Bush cut taxes for the rich, started two expensive wars, signed an expensive Medicare drug bill drafted by pharmaceutical companies, and gave the green light to greedy speculators.

Banks with no effective regulation encouraged many to buy a home they could not afford, with a low beginning mortgage rate that was soon increased so much that millions could no longer make payments and lost the home.

Speculators bundled together those mortgages, and sold them, with no control by Bush’s government.

Banks encouraged credit card debt, and if a payment was late they increased the interest rate.

Obama inherited an America where millions owed credit cards and home mortgage loans they could not pay off. Banks denied credit even for conservative families and businesses.

As a boy in the 1930s, Roosevelt’s New Deal helped us avoid starvation, but only WWII brought prosperity.

Will Obama’s $1.7 trillion government spending help us enough to avoid another depression?


Don’t hurt local shops when cutting costs

I’m writing on behalf of coffee shop owners, especially small, locally owned shops, but not to exclude the big ones.

This letters is prompted by yet another article about saving money by denying yourself a fancy coffee at a shop. There are so many ways to save in much larger amounts by, for instance, avoiding casinos, bars and liquor stores.

We could also do without my favorite little luxuries: restaurants, movies, books and concerts. But who wants to eliminate all those pleasures?

A coffee in an ambient shop is a quite inexpensive little indulgence.

Some coffee shop owners and patrons say they save by not buying a daily newspaper.

Everyone is trying to save more and that’s good, but we also need to support our local economy and the folks who are trying to make a living.

By the way, I love my coffee and my daily Olympian newspaper.


Sheriff does not inspire confidence

I would like to express my appreciation to the Thurston County commissioners for standing up to the sheriff on the budget.

I, for one do not feel safer knowing that the county Health Department took major cuts to avoid thinning the what appears to an overgrown management team at the sheriff’s office.

Leadership requires making tough choices and taking principled stands. The County Commissioners are leading. The communications from the sheriff don’t inspire the same confidence.

Vince Schueler, Olympia