Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for May 9

Punish those who issued the orders

There has been, of late, a hue and cry to punish members of the U.S. military who have tortured people while trying to gain information about terrorism.

This should be done, but the punishment should be meted upon those who gave the orders for the action.

Is this the right time for each action? President Obama doesn’t think so. I agree with him.

The crisis facing the United States of America should require immediate attention. However, for the Congress to investigate such allegations will take time and obscure the necessary legislation to achieve the ends which the president is striving to accomplish.

As a concerned citizen, do we want to regain our freedoms and national respect throughout the world? I ask the readers of this letter to do some soul searching.

Otto Walter


Commissioners must protect wildlife habitat

Our county commissioners have a great opportunity to protect a rare prairie habitat in south Thurston County near Maytown.

The Port of Tacoma owns 745 acres adjacent to a state Department of Fish and Wildlife preserve and very near our historic Millersylvania State Park.

As a current Port of Olympia commissioner and a former county commissioner representing this area, I can attest to the wide-ranging and diverse community support for protecting this portion of a 3,000 acre wildlife corridor for the future.

For many years, a coalition of local and regional conservation groups and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife have been attempting to move the property into conservation because of its value as a unique habitat.

While the commissioners study the issue raised by the thousands of citizens who petitioned them, the wildlife agencies will be conducting endangered species surveys. While both studies are underway, the property should be protected by a complete moratorium to prevent any incompatible uses being grandfathered in.

George L. Barner

Port of Olympia commissioner

Flooding at Nisqually will kill insects

What nobody mentioned, to my knowledge, is that flooding the Nisqually meadows now protected by the Brown Farm dike will mean the death of thousands, if not millions of creatures that live there, and have been living and proliferating there for decades.

I refer to insects, despised by many, like ants, bugs of all kinds, grasshoppers, also earthworms, spiders, snakes, birds nesting on shrubs, and the creatures that feed on the above mentioned species.

I read that in pre-Chinese Tibet the monks relocated all living creatures from the grounds on which they planned to extend their monasteries. Why can’t we do the same?

Send school children out with spades and buckets to save what can be saved and put the lives saved in other public parks or people’s back yards. Otherwise, the change from grassland to estuary wouldn’t be a good reason to celebrate.

Maybe there ought to be a gathering to commemorate all the creatures perishing by an act of government.

Bernard Vogt