Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for May 11

Strive for peace, but remain well armed

This country is great because about a third of the people are devotees of the Judeo-Christian faith, upon which they base their ethics and mores. Its Decalogue might be:

1. Thou shalt be grateful for living in a capitalistic society as no other system has existed for as long, or worked as well, as this one.

2. Thou shalt be thankful that you are allowed to own a gun and shall fear the day your gun might forcibly be taken from you.

3. Thou shalt be thankful to live in a country where you are not hampered from achieving your financial potential, which enables you to help provide a better life for those less fortunate.

4. Thou shalt be thankful that you have read in-depth about global warming and know that it is a sham.

5. Thou shalt be thankful that the latest findings by anthropologists, archeologists and other sciences confirm your belief in creationism.

6. Thou shalt preserve nature’s beauty but understand your home and city were once undeveloped property.

7. Thou shalt have empathy for those women who suffer from post abortion syndrome and always point them to adoption or other options.

8. Thou shalt love the homosexual, but assure them that there are ways to escape that unfruitful lifestyle.

9. Thou shalt pursue peace among other nations while remaining well-armed and well-equipped to defend yours.

10. Thou shalt be thankful for insurance companies because they keep you from declaring bankruptcy over medical expenses you cannot afford.

Karen Strand


It’s back to the sandbox for extremists

Unlike Barack Obama, I want to make a practical gesture to the right wing. I’ll buy them a sandbox.

They can gather, thrust their heads in the sand, and curse the darkness. There they can join hands and whine, rather than dominate the editorial page as they did on a recent day.

For example, Gail Dutton from Montesano extolled the Fox News orchestrated tea tax parties and their me-first slogans. She bemoaned Obama’s stimulus policies, while embracing the conservative do-nothing strategy.

She cried crocodile tears over the stimulus spending but failed to recall the larger Reagan/Bush deficits. She attacks big government but not the tycoons who played casino capitalism with her savings. Back to the sand box for her.

Another writer blamed the current economic malaise on materialistic addictions. She anguished over the purchase of iPHones. Never mind the larger greed of the Halliburton-type corporates. Yes, back to the sand box.

Conrad Bergstrom in Olympia tells us global warming is a hoax. I’ll drive him to any major urban center where he can breathe in the intoxicating brown air. After coughing out his beliefs, maybe he can breathe in the truth. Otherwise, back to the sand box.

A future letter will extol the virtues of torture as a defense of the American dream. They’ll conveniently not bother to reconcile their immoral rants with their demand of just treatment for POW/MIA prisoners.

Nestle down in the sand my dear extremists, where you’re at home in your darkness.

Martin Kimeldorf


Evergreen has wrong spending priorities

I was dismayed to learn that The Evergreen State College will be discontinuing extended education effective Sept. 30, 2009 due to downturn in the economy.

I find it inconceivable that extended education is being stopped while worthless projects continue to flourish on the Evergreen campus, particularly in view of financial difficulties of the state.


The tearing up of a section of road (Overhulse?) for repaving. This road was in excellent condition.

Construction of the turnabout. This had been going on for days with heavy equipment and nothing was being accomplished. It looks like there are two cement paths being built across the turnabout in spite of the fact that pedestrian crossing can exist at the road junction points. Why is this expensive project being done?

The bicycle path built along the parkway. The strip by the bike path collects weeds and requires maintenance. In the several years that I have frequently driven along the parkway after the revision, I have counted only 10 bicyclists. This project was very expensive, I think over a million dollars.

I am asking: What are the priorities at Evergreen? Is education a priority? Or are worthless projects more important?

Who is responsible for these dysfunctional allocations?

This mismanagement must be addressed by Evergreen.

Should there be intervention by the state of Washington?

I am an angry taxpayer.

Ed Hoffman