Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for June 5

Rep. Williams shows leadership

Courage is something we all admire and courage in public office is especially difficult in these contentious times.

And because of his specific actions during the last year I particularly want to recognize the progressive leadership of state Rep. Brendan Williams, D-Olympia.

His proposed legislation to protect home buyers against builders and developers caused him much difficulty within his own political party in the Legislature.

His open conversation about a need to increase taxes to fund the budget — teacher and state employee salaries, K-12 class size, senior citizen services, abused children and the soaring costs of medical care — was met with blank stares. But it is a conversation long overdue in our state.

Difficult economic times require difficult choices and to compete in this ever changing world, sometimes each of us must hurt a little more to compensate for those who need help.

Williams clearly is one political leader ready to have that conversation, step up to difficult decisions and vote his progressive principals.

I thank him for showing leadership, even when it hurts.

Sharon Foster


Obama right to remember invasion

Saturday is the 65th anniversary of the Allied landing on the shores of Normandy, France, an event that marked the beginning of the end of Germany’s deadly occupation of Europe.

It is considered the largest military invasion in history.

As the last veterans of World War II are dying, we must not forget the freedoms the D-Day troops made possible that stormy day in June of 1944.

I am so proud that our president will be attending commemorative ceremonies on the beaches of Normandy which was also the landing place of both his maternal grandfather and great-uncle who served in the European Theater.

President Barack Obama will also be visiting one of the Nazi extermination camps at Buchenwald, which his great uncle helped to liberate.

I am especially proud that he will not be visiting any Nazi SS graveyards as President Ronald Reagan did in 1983 — a blunder that hurt Reagan’s popularity even among fellow Republicans.

It looks like those Democrats continue to hold a strong sense of propriety when it comes to our country’s honor.

Carolyn Street LaFond


Don’t give prime property to wealthy

Olympian columnist Jamie Kenny gets one thing right when she says repeatedly, “I don’t understand” about the isthmus controversy.

First, the “Save Our Waterfront Views” signs reflect civic pride, not private vistas.

Second, she implies that because there is one eyesore on the isthmus, we may as well go ahead and finish it off.

Third, Wal-Mart and Costco have very different approaches to conducting business and treatment of employees.

Fourth, higher density development and affordable downtown housing are worthy goals, but why take over the most prime piece of land in town so some wealthy people can thumb their noses at the rest of us?

Fifth, if she thinks that those who buy million-dollar penthouses are going to schlep across the street to buy a loaf of bread, or catch the bus over to Home Depot, then she needs to get out of Tenino more often. Where do you find these contributors?

Lee Haugen


Others could collect for food banks

I was very impressed after reading the article issued “Horse racing fans can use food for admission.”

I think asking people to donate money, as an option instead of paying a fee to get into the race, is a very good idea that is also very selfless.

Although the track is still charging a $2 entrance fee, they are still giving fans the option to gain entrance by donating cans of food. By doing this it could really help out the food banks.

Food bank officials say that the horse racing donation programs typically gathers 300 pounds of food.

Think of how much food we could gather if other organizations would do this too.

In addition I think that the race track will be getting more fans coming to the races because they don’t typically have to pay an entrance fee all they have to do is donate a few cans of food, and by doing this they would also be helping out the less fortunate, giving them a sense of worth.

The Pocatello Downs Race track has a great idea that could really help out and I feel that other organizations should follow in their footsteps.

Katelyn Martell