Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for June 6

At war with an ideology

I write in response to Leonard Pitts’ column decrying some survey showing that people of faith are more apt to approve the use of torture.

He puts forth the rise of Nazism, the civil rights movement and the AIDS epidemic as examples of the Christian church watching in silence. As a person of African American descent, a Christian and a former service member, I would ask if he is aware that the abolitionist movement started and grew out of the Christian church, both black and white. The Civil War cemeteries are filled with Christians who were by no means silent.

I would ask if he considers the rows and rows of crosses representing hundreds of thousands of Christians who died fighting the scourge of Nazism to be isolated exceptions. They were willing to live with a little blood (their own) and a little pain (their own) to help maintain Pitts’ illusion of security. If security is an illusion, why lock our cars, homes or banks?

Why are we so squeamish? We’re at war with an ideology that seeks our destruction. We need to fight to win! The scripture verse used to defend his position was talking about freedom from the fear of persecution for speaking of salvation through Jesus Christ, not the fear that helps keep us alive.

To compare what happened to Sheik Khalid Muhammad to Jesus is absurd. Jesus died for our sins, Pitts’ and mine. The terrorists brought this on themselves.


Abortion issue riddled with hypocrisy

All torture and murder of defenseless humans are crimes against humanity. Letter writers continue to scorn the last administration and condemn water boarding of a few defenseless terrorists to save American lives. But most torture in our world is shamefully more heinous.

The torturous pain inflicted upon defenseless human beings captured by other countries and Muslim extremists is too graphic to describe as their suffering victims are usually maimed or murdered.

Likewise, the tortuous pain inflicted upon defenseless and truly innocent human beings as they are scraped to death in the womb during an abortion is equally too graphic.

The cries of those who selectively condemn the torture of criminal terrorists but support abortion rings hollow among the cries of innocent human beings slaughtered for convenience. Medical science confirms human beings in the womb have senses feeling real pain.

Ironically, many claiming to be advocates against domestic violence and crusaders for human rights also support abortion, thus selectively condemning the most innocent of all human life. Hypocrisy abounds by those who decry that enhanced interrogation of criminal terrorists is a crime yet supports the brutality of abortion as a right!

More hypocrisy: When a pregnant mom is killed, it’s two counts of manslaughter, but no manslaughter charges if mom aborts. It’s a crime when mom murders her newborn, but not when she aborts the same baby.

The cruelest degrees of torture maiming or killing defenseless and innocent victims is where hypocrites convenienty become selective and true human rights advocates begin.