Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for June 7

Scientific knowledge increases rapidly

How can Burton S. Guttman say in his recent letter to the editor that Americans, on the whole, are the stupidest and most ill-educated people in the world regarding science?

In my lifetime I’ve seen amazing progress in science and technology developed in America.

Can we assume that these advances, according to Guttman’s letter, have been made by stupid people?

I don’t think so.

Scientific knowledge increases so rapidly that apparently Guttman is the only one who can keep up with all the available information that we read concerning scientific achievement in medicine, astronomy, physics, geology – the list could go on and on.

I sleep better at night knowing that we have a brilliant mind like Guttman living in our community who knows all there is to know about science and who says he has the right answer to all scientific issues.

What an amazing man!

Mildred Kavanaugh


Christianity hasn’t failed

In condemning Christians for all the evils in the world, Bruce Robinson acts like a trial lawyer, coloring and exaggerating to suit his case, while conveniently forgetting the contrary evidence.

Robinson seems to think that, before Christianity, monarchs and generals were kind and humane.

Actually, the cruelties he describes were trivial compared to the atrocities of non-Christian rulers, such as the genocide of the Jews by Titus — or for that matter, the past century’s massacres by the Turks, Hitler, Stalin, Mao and the Hutus.

Note that the Nazi and Marxist mass-murderers were (as James Burke pointed out) anti-Christian Darwinists.

Considering the past and present horrors of the non-Christian world, what alternative to Christianity does Robinson propose?

Robinson forgets that concepts such as democracy, compassion for the poor, and the abolition of slavery were conceived by Christian theologians and then slowly and grudgingly adopted by a habitually cruel Western world, whose power-hungry leaders only pretended to be Christian and used religion as an excuse for their secular conquests.

At best, Christianity has only partly mitigated the innate selfish tendencies of humanity that theologians call original sin.

As Chesterton said, “Christianity hasn’t failed; it’s never been tried.”

Paul Shlichta


Indian Summer rules are too strict

I would like to bring to the public’s attention the fact that Indian Summer Home Owners Association has seen fit to deny residents the ability to install energy efficient Sunsetter electrically retractable awnings over their patios.

Some members on the Architectural Review Board at Indian Summer have come up with a list of acceptable rules for awnings which are quite reasonable; yet, the board refuses to accept them.

Consequently, many residents are unable to shield their homes from excessive sunlight in the summer months, thereby conserving energy; as well as unable to protect themselves from excessive UV rays on their patios, rendering them unusable in our wonderful summers.

Colorado recently passed legislation to allow energy-saving devices in homeowners associations; but still allowing oversight by homeowner boards to make sure such things, such as color, are acceptable.

Golf course communities across the country are beginning to allow such amenities and I think it is time that the Indian Summer Home Owners Association do the same.

Jim Sygitowicz


Don’t fall for Barack Obama’s charm

Barack Obama is a master wordsmith and manipulator of events to his own self-interest.

He has analyzed the hope of the majority of the American populous — liberals and Bush haters.

He croons, “change,” “new beginnings,” “hope,” and with the majority of Bush haters listening to his song, they think he means no more Bush administration and a “change” to a new liberal rule — Clinton, Carter, etc. Obama really demands results liberal America refuses to acknowledge: socialism, totalitarianism and tyranny.

By “change” he intends total destruction of our free Republic and total destruction of our most precious gift — our Constitution, our guiding light.

Look how much he has accomplished in five short months: greater debts and deficits than this nation can survive, greater governmental intrusion and control into our financial world and into our industrial capacity. Judicial rule, energy, health care, education — the list will go on and on until Barack Obama has totally destroyed this free Republic and its Constitution.

Wake up, America!

Obama is not your messiah, your savior, your hope, your dream come true. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is the Pied Piper who has lulled you to sleep via his teleprompter and you are about to have your worst nightmare.

Listen and watch intently! The German people listened to a wordsmith, a Pied Piper shout his song in the 1930s and ’40s.

They shouted “Heil Hitler” and followed him into hell. A dictator by any other name is still a dictator.

Michael W. Munz


High wage earners should cap salaries

Another idea in the effort to balance our state budget could be placing a temporary cap on our state’s highest-paid employees.

This cap could be voluntary with public records showing who participates and who does not.

For just the next two years we could ask our heavy earners to take the King County median income plus 10 percent — say $75,715 — plus the glory of public recognition that they realize that they are in the same boat as the rest of us.

Lewis Cox