Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for June 27

Vandals must be held accountable

I was dismayed to read of the vandalism to Heritage Park.

This park is such an inviting place to walk, picnic or enjoy sponsored outdoor events. Heritage Park is a treasure to our community.

I think that every effort should be made to track down the vandals, and restitution should be demanded. Not only should the estimated $1,800 in damage be paid, but these vandals should also be required to do many hours of cleanup in the community.

Persons who damage public property, spoil it for everyone, and restitution needs to be made to the community.

Everyone owns our public spaces.


WPPSS will never work a second time

A recent edition discussed a possible return of Washington Public Power Supply System, commonly called WPPSS and pronounced “whoops!” The question is not should we build it, but can we build it?

WPPSS2 would need major changes. During WPPSS1, I worked with computers for the state of Washington and I trained the WPPSS staff in computer problem management at the nuclear site in Richland. WPPSS staff told me of three major problems affecting WPPSS1:

 • There was bad WPPSS project management. Management did not use project management processes and tools effectively.

 • There was political interference from the Legislature, the governor and 25 public power bosses. They all interfered with work, not realizing these kinds of projects cannot be managed by committee.

 • There were unwieldy union work rules and unnecessary union work stoppages, which eventually caused the WPPSS1 cancellation. These problems would make three changes mandatory for WPPSS2:

 • There must be an outside project manager with the skills necessary to manage a project this size. Contrary to the belief of left-wing loons, this is why Bechtel and Halliburton are so important.

 • The project manager must be isolated from the helpful hints of politicians. There can be no political interference.

 • There must be iron-clad agreements with all union bosses and iron-clad contracts with all unions or else a work stoppage or strike will cause WPPSS2 to become another failure.

I doubt the unions will go along and I’m sure the politicians will refuse these changes, therefore I think WPPSS2 will never fly.


Bicycles should be licensed

I drive The Evergreen Parkway daily and love the separate bike and pedestrian lanes. I have long believed every road should have separate bike lanes.

Many years ago my youngest brother was killed when riding his bike on the shoulder of a road. If separate bike lanes had been available he, and many others, would likely be alive now.

He was the light of my heart and it still breaks my heart to know that my baby brother died alone, in pain, in the dark.

I regularly see a few bicycle riders on The Evergreen Parkway who ignore the bike lanes that the taxpayers of Olympia paid for. When I see these people I have to wonder why they turn up their noses at such a beautiful, safe, paved roadway? Are they deliberately so self-indulgent and self-righteous?

I hate them, and all the other reckless bike riders who cause me to relive the pain of my brother’s awful death, and by involving me in their personal evolution in action.

If I am forced to choose between clipping a bicyclist or swerving into an oncoming car, what am I supposed to do?

Physics rules, sailors have known that for centuries.

Auto drivers pay dearly for the privilege of transporting ourselves on the roads and highways. I will gladly vote in favor of bicyclists having to share the cost of using our roads by having themselves and their bicycles licensed.