Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for June 28

City should annex into fire district


I find these letters to the editor that pander to the Lacey City Council insulting, both to the intelligence of the community and to the firefighters who serve Lacey.

Richard Sovde, the author of the recent letter commending the City Council for its actions, is a Lacey planning commissioner. What entitles Sovde to speak on behalf of all 7,500 residents of the Station 35 area?

It’s odd that he doesn’t mention in his letter that he’s on the Lacey Planning Commission. Perhaps we should hear from the COMMUNITY on this issue, not the men behind the curtain.

The fact is that the fire district offered mediation months ago but the city wouldn’t go to mediation without strings attached.

The fact is that the decision to end the contract with the fire district happened with no community input.

The issue was never placed on the council agenda and was never given a chance to be heard by the public before the vote.

The fact is that what would really work for our community is an annexation of the city into the fire district. This would cost substantially less than the alternative — creating a fire department from scratch — and would allow emergency services to continue at current levels with a publicly approved tax rate.

Why hasn’t this option been considered? Control issues and power struggles from the city of Lacey.

Let’s not commend the city for continuing to waste tax dollars in the pursuit of power at the community’s expense.

BILL COLLINS, Paramedic and firefighter, Shelton

Parade scheduled on the wrong day

The Olympia Pride Parade was on Father’s Day.

Who made that decision?

A lot of people who might have gone, probably did not because of scheduling conflicts. I know if my father was still alive that the pride parade would be the last place that he would have gone to on Father’s day.

For a group of people that are struggling to be accepted in mainstream society, and are constantly fighting for equal rights, scheduling their day without regard to preexisting holidays was a mistake.