Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor for June 29

How did we get here? Can’t Democrats count? (I already know Republicans can’t. That trillion-dollar plus war on terror thingie was one clue for me, right there.)

I’m a Democrat, and I also can’t count. I have to use my toes, and when I run out of toes I must hire some smart guy in a suit. Don’t we have any of those hanging around the Capitol? Or did they just run out of toes? $9 billion is a LOT of toes, but still…

Look, there’s no excuse. If me and my toes could see the credit/housing bubble collapse coming, then certainly smart guys in suits should have seen it coming, and prepared the state finances better.

Maybe we should fire all those smart suits and go capture a pack of drunken orangutans to be the Washington state financial advisers. They don’t even have to be registered Democrats, or wearing suits. They can just be your regular, garden-variety drunk orangutans.

Then we’ll explain fiscal responsibility and planning for the future, using little words and bananas and their nice long ape toes as visual aids, and proceed from there.

Maybe they can manage the state finances more wisely, and we won’t have these unpleasant surprises, such as being $9 billion poorer all of a sudden.

Now, I accept that a pack of drunk orangutans might not do much better, but I am positive they couldn’t do any worse.